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Nontraditional Wedding Venues With On-Site Lodging

Booking a wedding venue with included on-site lodging in their rental packages is a fantastic way to save guests from the hassle of finding accommodations. Most importantly, this secures you with a unique and intimate wedding experience hard to find elsewhere!

Choosing a wedding venue with on-site lodging has several major benefits that separate it from a typical wedding venue or booking an ordinary hotel. The most outstanding aspect of venues with on-site lodging is the overall opportunity to maximize convenience, fun, and an intimate experience with the people you love most.

Weven helps couples find their ideal wedding venue. If you have been searching for a way to allow your guests to stay dancing the night away, look no further - check out these wedding venues with included on-site lodging that makes for an extraordinary experience!

The Barn on Gobeille Farm - Sharon, VT
Accommodation: sleeps 6
Max capacity: 90 (outdoor), 150 (indoor)
Price: 6.8k

The Barn Gobeille Farm

Photo Credits: Once Like A Spark Photography

Celestial Fox Barn - Medusa, NY
Accommodation: sleeps 8
Max capacity: 100 (outdoor), 50 (indoor)
Price: 8.3k

Celestial Fox Barn


Crofter’s Green - Montgomery Center, VT
Accommodation: sleeps 14
Max capacity: 150 (outdoor), 150 (indoor)
Price: 8.95k

Crofter's Green


River Road Farm - Manchester, VT
Accommodation: sleeps 22
Max capacity: 200 (outdoor), 200 (indoor)
Price: 20k

River Road Farm


Camp Wing - Duxbury, MA
Accommodation: sleeps 340
Max capacity: 250 (outdoor), 200 (indoor)
Price: 12k

Camp Wing

Photo Credits: Lara Kimmerer

Cedarwood Farm - Ipswich, MA
Accommodation: sleeps 10
Max capacity: 200 (outdoor), 50 (indoor)
Price: Inquire for price

Cedarwood Farm


The Rivers Retreat - Covington, LA
Accommodation: sleeps 50
Max capacity: 300 (outdoor), 200 (indoor)
Price: 6.5k

The Rivers Retreat


Bush Meadow Farm - Union, CT
Accommodation: sleeps 16
Max capacity: 400 (outdoor), 215 (indoor)
Price: 4.2k

The Rivers Retreat

Photo Credits: ALN Images

Woodstock Farmhouse - North Woodstock, NH
Accommodation: sleeps 16
Max capacity: 80 (outdoor), 30 (indoor)
Price: 6k

The Rivers Retreat


Kamp Kohut - Oxford, ME
Accommodation: sleeps 150
Max capacity: 150 (outdoor and indoor)
Price: 22k

The Rivers Retreat

Photo Credits: Lara Kimmerer

The convenience that comes with included on-site lodging is a rarity. At every wedding, there’s that handful of people that leave early out of fear of driving home late. These problems evaporate with on-site lodging, as guests can maximize their time spent celebrating the bride and groom and conveniently walk to their rooms without cutting their night short. On-site lodging can also create a great opportunity to have an after-wedding brunch, where you can swap stories and have extra time together with out-of-town loved ones before they leave.

Venues with included on-site lodging are an excellent way to create an intimate feel for you and your guests. Wedding venues with on-site lodging have outstanding potential to create a magical ambiance, where there is no possibility of unknown spectators- just you and your “I-do” crew!
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Header Photo Credits: Once Like A Spark Photography