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The Unique Venue's Guide to Increased Conversion (And Less Ghosting)

Rarely do you get a second chance to make a first impression - check out these 5 tried and true best practices to help you nail that first impression with couples and reel in those 2023 and 2024 bookings faster.

1) A Speedy Response is a Successful Response

Couples routinely tell us that the first venue to respond to their inquiry typically gets their booking.

Responding quickly communicates several things:
Most importantly, you prioritize providing your future and current clients with a high-quality experience and are on top of running your business. Aim to respond to every initial inquiry as soon as possible- within 12 hours. Many venues find great success utilizing templates and personalized auto-responses (that auto-fill names and pertinent event details) to get couples a near-immediate response that looks warm and personal.

2) Tone Is Everything

When communicating with potential couples and clients, the most successful venue hosts come across as:
Tone Is Everything
Your main goal is for these potential clients to feel safe entrusting one of their most important life events in your hands. Clients notice the tone you use in communicating with them and, for many, this may directly translate to their perception of the level of care and attention you give to your business.

Ensure emails and messages are thoughtful and personalized with the correct names and aim to sound like you know what you're doing and have everything under control, but are still respectful of their vision and want them to have the most incredible day possible.

And remember: humor is your friend 😉

3) Presentation & Professionalism Are Key

Do you have a beautiful venue brochure that details amenities, pricing, a few photos, and what makes your space special? This is your sign to get (or create) one!

When communicating with potential clients, your presentation and professionalism are make-or-break with winning bookings. Your communication shows that you are detail-oriented, an expert, and take your business (and their experience with you) seriously, thereby signaling that they'll be in good hands!

Gone are the days of being able to count on sending a simple, no-frills one-pager over in response to inquiries. This is your chance to set yourself apart and blow a potential client's socks off with a hyper-professional venue brochure. Simply send it along as an attachment to your initial inquiry response and watch the tour requests flow in.

If a photo is worth a thousand words, photos showing past weddings at your venue (or on your property) are worth a million!

Couples love envisioning themselves at your venue in a beautiful, decorated setting on their special day. They love the inspiration of seeing past events at your space.


4) Close With A Question

Another element of a winning initial inquiry response? ⇢ Closing with a question.

Rather than closing your message with something like "Let us know if you have any other questions or if you'd like to move forward," communicate that you're excited to meet them in person and help facilitate their dream day by closing your response to their inquiry with something like:

"We're honored that you're considering our space for your special day. We'd absolutely love to meet you and give you a tour of the property, so you're able to see firsthand how we can turn your dream into reality! How does this weekend work for a tour?"


5) It's All In The Offer

Consider your amenities and your pricing - how do they stack up to the venues (and event spaces) around you? What sets your space apart and makes it unique?

Additionally, do you ensure that you go above and beyond to facilitate a seamless and stress-free day for your clients by providing special planning tools? Although you may be a pro with everything weddings and events, your couples most likely aren't, and they'll appreciate all the support they can get!

In deciding on which venue to go with, most couples consider how convenient and supportive their planning process will be at a given space and book accordingly.

Many venues offer some form of event coordination (which, let's face it, can get time-consuming on your end). When polled, couples say they're far more likely to book a venue that makes the booking and planning process convenient and easy with online payments, e-signatures, a custom planning checklist, and online tools. Offering your couples an Online Planning Portal (completely customized for your venue and their event) goes a long way in winning bookings and saving valuable time.

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