How to Save Time With Message Templates During Each Planning Stage

Message templates are an excellent way to save time and effort and increase your venue's work productivity.

Weven's message templates allow you to schedule and send Automatic Replies to your clients, eliminating manual messaging and providing consistent messaging across your venue's team. Message templates also help ensure that no crucial follow-ups or important information slips through the cracks.

Weven's message templates can be pre-written and modified when sent to clients. Templates can be used throughout every stage of the planning process, and we've compiled tips for each.

Say goodbye to hours spent composing new emails from scratch & risking error👋



To streamline your communication and qualify leads faster.

Initial Inquiry Response Templates:

  • Confirm availability - follow up with confirmation on the availability of the inquired date. This can be short and concise to help the couple know if they should move forward.
  • Provide pricing information upfront - price transparency is the name of the game! Showing your pricing, or at least a starting price (if offering pricing packages), gives couples the information to decide which venue is suitable for their big day, so no time is wasted.
  • Answer any unique questions from their inquiry !!!!
  • Invite them to schedule a tour - offer some appointment options (such as Calendly) or send a link to a virtual tour upfront, if applicable. Virtual tours are helpful for inquiring couples who do not live nearby to envision their wedding day without having to come for an in-person tour.

Weven Pro Tip: For winter-month or peak engagement season inquiries, NOW is the time to record a video tour of the property!

Automatic Replies:

Automatic Replies can be set up for various criteria, such as specific messaging for different types of events, set as an OOO message, or set up to send on specific days of the week, so you don't have to stay on top of your email all the time, etc.

Many hosts use Automatic Replies as a qualification tactic - rather than having to spend the time to reply to each and every new inquiry, we see hosts set templates as an Automatic Reply that has important information, such as, the main details of the venue (pricing, amenities, etc.) and also prompts them to take action, whether it's to schedule a tour or send more specific questions. Typically, once a lead then follows up after receiving the Automatic Reply, it is at this point that hosts will jump in and start messaging with the client, allowing them to only spend time on higher intent leads.

Conditional Templates:

For Unavailable Dates
Let the couple know the date is unfortunately not available, and ask if their date is flexible. Offer your venue's pricing options for weekday dates, Friday/Sunday dates, off-season rates, etc.

For Budget Constraints
Let them know the guest count/budget that works best for your space. Provide some insight into the total costs for the average wedding at your venue (factor in any necessary outside rentals, common add-ons, etc.)

Coming Soon: Set parameters for your best-fit clients to better qualify leads up front, and see analytics for those leads to prioritize operations based on those better fits. As a best-fit lead is flagged in your account, create and send a message template to improve your conversion odds

Follow-Up Messages:

Checking Back

Check back to see if you can answer any additional questions and schedule a tour. Keep in mind that some clients may not respond to your first message because they might have already disqualified themselves, whereas other clients may just need the quick reminder to follow up!

Include links to tours, photos from past events, client reviews, special pricing offers, etc., that may help them envision their event in your space.
If the desired event date is sooner than later, send that follow-up message within a few days of their first inquiry! For events further out, don't panic if the prospective clients take their time getting back to you - there is more time to follow up, but it is always better to lock in those bookings sooner than later!


To keep messaging consistent and get those contracts + payments collected faster.

Post-Tour Template

After a tour is complete, thank them for visiting your venue and send along any additional material that may have been discussed on the tour. Before creating the contract, do you send a "Booking Form" to collect any necessary information? Remember to attach this to your message after pulling in this message template!

Contract + Rental Agreement

(Weven Pro Tip: send this to your clients in the Proposal Sent stage!)

Lay out your policies surrounding booking - do you place holds on event dates for X number of days? What is needed from the couple in order to secure the date? For payments, provide instructions for how the client can complete their deposit (ask your Weven CSM if you need help messaging these instructions based on your business needs!). Because you want to customize these documents by event, remember to pull in this template and customize this dynamic form for the particular client.


To ensure every planning detail is addressed.

Weven Planning Portal Introduction Template

(Weven Pro Tip: send this once you move a lead to the Booked stage)

This template confirms their booking and provides instructions on how to log into their planning portal while showcasing some collaborative tools they will want to get started with!

For current Weven hosts: you can edit and customize this template if there are certain aspects to their event planning they want clients to focus on. Head to Manage Venues > Templates > click into "Weven Planning Portal Introduction" and make any edits you see fit, then rename and click save to save your own version.

For NEW Weven hosts: Ready to invite your existing couples to their new planning portals? We’d recommend a separate template that specifically guides your couples through the transition onto Weven.

Event Helper

Inform your clients of your venue policy for Event Insurance/Liquor Liability coverage. Let them know if you recommend particular companies for your clients to purchase their policies. Otherwise, they can go through and access Event Helper inside their Weven Planning Portal!

Payment Reminders

Depending on your payment schedule, you may want to create message templates to remind your clients when an upcoming payment is due. But don't worry, if you set up a payment link WITH a reminder, those automated reminders emails will send on your behalf - in addition to the message template you create.

Final Details

Confirm details and schedule final meetings and/or walkthroughs. Request important information through the Document Upload, such as timelines, seating charts, event layouts, COIs, event insurance, and vendor information uploads. Confirm any outstanding details and schedule final meetings/walkthroughs with the couple.


To congratulate the happy couple and request feedback

Send your congratulations and best wishes to the newly-weds with a message template you can schedule and modify if you would like to get more personalized. Provide links to the places where your clients can leave a review (check out these tips on How to Get Couples to Give Your Wedding Venue 5-Star Reviews). Don’t forget to request access to their photo gallery and show off those beautiful photos of your venue for inquiring couples to see!

Your Weven CSM can help you determine messaging that can be used in a template that helps clients understand how to use the system! Contact them today to learn more.