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Five Tools Every Host Should Use For Their Wedding Venue Business

With engagement season and a great year for weddings on the horizon, it’s time to start thinking about what you can do to improve your wedding business in 2023.

To help you get started, we've created a list of the 5 Weven tools our venue management system offers your venue!

1. Custom lead form

One of the easiest ways you can receive more leads is by making it easy to contact you. A standardized form (when done right) can show a couple you will quickly digest their key information to respond efficiently, and on topic. A great example of this is the Weven contact form. This form embeds directly into your website and funnels all leads into your Weven account for effortless communication and management. The form is optimized to collect client information and allows you to learn key insights and buying triggers to help qualify leads quickly.

2. Consolidated lead pipeline

When it comes to managing your leads it can be overwhelming to do on your own. Weven’s venue management system helps hosts consolidate all of their leads in one single dashboard, and track leads by their respective level of interest or stage and respond to each accordingly.

3. In-app messaging

Gone are the days where hosts have to keep track of hundreds of emails from multiple clients on their own. With Wevens venue management system, we have made it simple to optimize communication with your leads and clients through in-app messaging. Now hosts can message leads through their account and all conversation history will be logged in an individual lead details page. This makes it easy to reference event details, all information about each couple, and look back on past conversations. All the way from inquiry to wedding day, you'll never miss a detail!

4. Document management tool

Whether you're hosting 5 weddings this year or 50, keeping up with your client's documents can be exhausting. With a document management tool, you can easily collect and manage all of your clients documents in one place. Clients can share updates on their floor plans, seating charts, COIs, special event insurance certificates, and so much more, providing important insights for you and your team. This helps takes the stress out of planning for not only your venue, but also your client.

5. Online client planning portal

Appeal to today's tech-savvy couples with a venue-specific planning portal that eliminates the need for unnecessary phone calls, cluttered inboxes, and countless spreadsheets. Seamlessly share key venue information and collect vendor lists, timelines, floor plans, seating charts, certificates of insurance, and more from your couples, planners and the rest of their team. Weven's online planning tools are designed for collaboration, meaning less back-and-forth for you, your clients, and their vendors.

All-In-One Venue Management System
With our venue management system, Weven helps venue hosts stay organized and communicate on one platform. Whether you're just getting started or you've been hosting weddings for years, Weven is here to help you save time, impress clients, and scale your business.

If you want to learn more about how your venue could grow with the Weven platform, schedule a free call with a venue success representative.

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