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4 Easy Ways to Prepare for Engagement Season

Tis the season for engagements!

Did you know that roughly 40% of engagements occur between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day? For a venue host, that translates to a busy inquiry season on the horizon.

Want to make sure that your venue stands out? Follow these 4 simple steps to help you win more clients this season and beyond!

Step one: make a good first impression

In less than one second on your site, visitors have already formed an opinion of your brand and service. This will likely be the first impression a couple will have of your wedding venue and it’s important to make it count. By incorporating good photos, easy navigation, and clear action steps, you can create trust and stand out amongst the rest!

Step two: use high quality photos

When it comes to your venue's photos, quality really is better than quantity! Take a moment to review the images across your social channels, venue website, Weven storefront and any other online presence you may have. If you come across subpar photos, don't be afraid to delete them- it's okay to be picky when it comes to choosing photos to highlight your property. Couples will be thankful for the extra time you spent to curate your gallery to include only photos that best represent the space.

Weven Tip: Request permission from your recent clients (and their photographers!) to share images from their events. Real photos from real events will help prospective clients visualize how their event could look in your space.

Step three: make it easy to contact you

It's important that you make it easy for clients to contact you. Weven's embedded lead form captures inquiries directly from your venue website, with standardized fields that ensure your response will be informative and on-topic based on the key information you request from them.

Another way to amplify your contact form is to integrate it with your venue's availability. By providing a live calendar, couples can quickly and easily determine if your venue could work for their preferred date.

Step four: guide and inspire

Stand out from other venues by going above and beyond just offering your space. Whether it's helpful planning tips or local recommendations, couples value any support they can get when it comes to their special day. Not to mention, you will build credibility and trust upfront, which will go a long way toward making the decision easy for them to book your venue!

If you want to learn how Weven can help you stand out this engagement season, schedule a call with a venue success representative today.