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Why Every Venue Should Have a Venue-Specific CRM

Are you still using single-function, disconnected tools such as email, spreadsheets, documents, and desktop folders to manage your venue's business? Are you finding yourself using the same CRM a hairdresser or plumber might use?

Many wedding venues effectively run their businesses this way, but to efficiently run a business, you need a system designed to sync with clients across the entire life cycle of their venue relationship. If you fall into this category, now is the time to upgrade how you manage your venue business and save yourself valuable time with a Venue CRM.

“I have looked at so many CRMs, and every single CRM that I get into, there's always that one thing that I don't ultimately end up liking. With all of the other CRMs that I've tried, it's always been kind of like, 'well, this CRM offers this ... this CRM offers this ... well, why don't you have a CRM that does all of that?' and that's where Weven comes in. Everything that I was looking for happened to be in one system." - The Melissa Barn

Why do you need a Venue-Specific CRM?

With event season being busier than ever, a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software or lead management tool saves the day when it comes to managing leads and booked events. Venue CRMs are more than just a place for venue hosts to organize and respond to leads. Venue CRMs organize your day-to-day venue communications and provide key insights to help make informed business decisions. With Weven, venues can easily manage all leads and event details in a single Venue CRM system while maintaining complete control over communications and operations. Our system provides you with insights on which couples book and when, as well as which planning tasks couples have completed.

"As a venue, you need a venue CRM built to move with the unique journey your couples take, including discovering your brand, touring, reviewing proposals, and ultimately booking. It's not as clean and simple as your standard lead and contract process so many CRMs are designed for." - The Barn Gobeille Farm


The Barn Gobeille Farm


Venue CRMs allow venue hosts to:

  • Manage their pipeline and all of their leads effectively with a single login
  • Automatically capture and consolidate leads from all lead sources
  • Customize lead forms to collect key qualification criteria
  • Save and personalize frequently-used email templates for faster responses
  • Set up automatic replies for hyper-fast responses to new inquiries
  • View email open rates to gauge interest and time responses
  • Collaborate with clients and vendors while building client relationships

Weven's first-ever venue management system connects multiple functions a venue must perform to successfully book and execute an event. Our technology creates a process that continually informs the next step based on the previous, eliminating redundant tasks and giving venue managers time to focus on prospects and clients. Our Venue CRM makes it easier for venues to save time, increase profits and create happier clients, all in one place.

"Weven makes wedding planning so manageable by keeping all wedding businesses in one place. Our couples can easily correspond with us. No more hunting through emails. All the messages, wedding details, vendor information, documents, and details are right at our fingertips." - Josias River Farm

To learn more about Weven's venue management system and how a venue-specific CRM can work for you, schedule a FREE Weven demo today.