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What is a Venue Management System and Why You Probably Need One

There is being good, and there is being great. Being “good” is still as important as ever, but in a world where consumers have more choice than ever and expect to find everything they need at their fingertips, you want to be great! The difference between good and great venues is using a venue management system instead of disconnected tools to run their business.

Weven’s first-ever Venue Management System makes it easier for venues to save time, increase profits and create even happier clients.

Today, many venues run their businesses using a myriad of single-function tools, such as a CRM, a web host, email, a document storage tool, and more. None of these cobbled-together solutions are designed to sync with one another across the life cycle of a venue-client relationship- That is what a system does. Weven’s venue management system intelligently connects the multiple functions a venue must perform to book and execute an event successfully. This technology creates a process that continually informs the next step based on the previous, eliminating redundant tasks and giving venue managers time back to focus on prospects and clients.

With Weven, venues can do everything from lead aggregation to contact management to planning communication and payment collection.

This system not only streamlines all client and planning touchpoints in one place but also makes each function better by connecting it to the rest of the work that must be done for an event. When you use Weven to run your venue business, your wedding clients gain access to a planning portal that connects to a CRM, allowing you to track their progress toward meeting your planning requirements, and their planning aspirations, in a single dashboard. As your clients complete tasks in their planning portal, Weven’s system can automatically request more information you need. For example, when a client books a vendor, you can choose to require them to upload a COI naming your venue as an additional insured in their Weven account.

In working with hundreds of venues, vendors, and couples, we learned that the best wedding planning experiences start with venue-specific data. The venue’s physical location, capacity, layout, amenities, and preferences set the parameters for the planning a client can and should do in the lead-up to their wedding. By leveraging this venue-specific data, Weven’s system guides your clients through the planning process at your venue and equips them with the information they need to discover and book vendors that fit your venue. Putting the right information, curated by the venue, at clients’ fingertips not only saves time but also reduces errors and mitigates risks for each event as today’s couples continue to seek out more unique vendors.

Ultimately, the power of a system is its ability to increase the intelligence of a process by connecting data from one step to the next overtime.

With Weven’s smart venue management system, you too can save time, increase profits and deliver a better planning experience, resulting in happier clients and rave reviews.

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