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Wedding Trends in 2020

We've done the research and pulled together some of our favorite wedding trends we’re hearing from Weven couples currently planning their 2020 weddings!

From eco-friendly decor to pop colors, from styled sips to intimate weddings- 2020 is going to be a year of details, details, details and ultimately giving your friends and family a very unique wedding experience!


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Couples want a personalized experience that leaves guests with a "that's so them" versus a "just another wedding" feeling.

Starting from your save the dates and shower invites all the way to the food truck catering your reception- this trend has been and will continue to be a huge focus going into 2020.

At the end of the day, your wedding is meant to be a celebration of the love between you and your partner, so the main focus should be on making your special day an authentic representation of that. By doing so, you'll be creating a one-of-a-kind experience for your guests.

What better way to start this customization process than through your venue? Get started by looking at our selection of spaces that enable you to have the perfect canvas background to your beautiful love story.


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Another one of our favorite trends this year is sustainability. Whether it be the main mission of your venue or the way you dispose of your decor and floral, conservation and preservation of our beautiful Earth is important to couples.

Let's start at the venue (something we know a lot about!)- with the rental of a nontraditional wedding venue, it is likely that you will be partnering with a venue host that puts some or all of their earnings towards sustainability-focused missions! At Weven, you may see more on the mission in the Venue Details section on the listing, or you can chat with your venue host about it during your venue tour!

There are also many other fun ways in which you can incorporate this amazing practice into your special day, for example-

  • Looking for a unique way for your guests to partake in the fun? Try using seed paper for your invites. Yup, you guessed it- this is paper literally made out of seeds that you can replant after receiving- just like your love after your wedding day, the seedlings in your invites can continue to grow by planting them in your garden! (check out this amazing option at Whole Weddings)

  • Donate slightly used or completely unused items of decor, as well as, any DIY supplies you may have used to create your decor to local charities, nursing homes or hospitals. Your donation will not only bring joy to other people, but will also allow for multiple uses of items that otherwise would have been thrown out after your special day.

  • Compost or repurpose your floral items after your wedding. There are multiple companies that will work with you to pull together your beautiful floral creations, sometimes pick them up for you after your special day, and then revive and repurpose them for a great cause and ultimately compost them (check out our friends at Repeat Roses!).

The Nontraditional Experience

Lawn Games at Wedding ReceptionAddie Roberge Photography

Finally, we're finding that a more nontraditional, interactive experience is on the rise as we head into the new decade. From adding unique decor options, to making the festivities last a full weekend and everything in between, couples are continuing to move away from the 'wedding factory' feeling to more of a one-of-a-kind experience on their special day.

We're seeing unique color pops and a movement away from the traditional white. Another type of pop we're seeing is with signature sips and carefully crafted cocktails (or even a drink-based setting like a brewery!) for a nontraditional drink experience.

Folks are also paring down their guest lists and extending their weddings from a single day into a full weekend experience that can be done with a venue like a summer camp. Other ways in which you can upgrade the guest experience is through something like lawn games or a fire pit during your reception.

With these added touches, you are sure to achieve a more intimate and unique experience with each and every guest.

As firm believers in many of these trends, we at Weven are very excited to see our couples bring them to life in 2020 and beyond!