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Supporting Small Businesses with Weven

To celebrate Small Business Saturday, we’re toasting to our fast-growing community of venue hosts across the Northeast who open up their land and homes to couples on a regular basis.

At Weven, not only do we empower couples to create the wedding of their dreams but we also support small businesses in reaching new customers and boosting profitability. From nontraditional venue hosts to vendor partners, Weven helps small businesses lower costs and reduce labor through our custom-built technology that saves dozens of hours in qualification and coordination per wedding. In doing so, Weven enables our small business venue hosts to offer the personalized, online planning experience today’s couples are demanding, all while bringing money to local economies and preserving these spaces for generations to come.

Map Of Weven

For all of our hosts, weddings are not their only focus; their day-jobs span from running multi-generation farms, mission-based summer camps, sprawling bird-sanctuaries, and non-profit organizations to working in offices and at large corporations. That’s where Weven comes in; our digital tools save hosts time and money while expanding their access to today’s tech-savvy, creative couples.

Take Meredith, a Weven host who also operates a bar service in Connecticut:

"Weven has given us the platform and the right target market to grow our wedding venue business beyond what we would be able to accomplish working independently to promote our venue."

Topstone Chalet Venue Host

For Meredith, Weven is the perfect matchmaker between couples and her beautiful property, The Topstone Chalet:

“I enjoy collaborating with Weven’s team to maximize our venue opportunities. They have been highly engaged in adding property details, floor plans, and maps to our venue listing to better showcase its layout and features.”

In turn, couples viewing her venue on weven.cc can be confident that the space matches their wedding day vision before requesting a tour online, saving time for everyone. That’s why Weven’s tour to booking conversion rate is 1 out 3 versus the industry average of 1 out of 7!

Topstone Chalet Carriage House View
Photo credit: Stephanie Brauer, The Event Bird

With more events comes more money for our hosts to invest back into their land and the great causes they support. For example, at Caratunk Wildlife Refuge all proceeds from weddings held at their property help conserve the 200-acre property for generations to come.

Similarly, The Peckett Family of The White Mountain Farmstead is using revenue from Weven to update and preserve a property that is near and dear to their hearts:

Picture of peckett family

“We are most excited about our new lighting installation throughout the venue, which has elevated our aesthetic,”

All while creating a twinkling ambience for future couples and their guests to enjoy (Although, in our opinion, the property’s breathtaking view of the White Mountains speaks for itself :)).

White Mountain Farmstead Mountain View
Photo credit: Arielle Doneson

That said, there’s so much more to working with Mayflower than running a small business; our hosts care passionately about the couples that choose their venue for such significant celebrations.

The Peckett Family puts it best:

“The most exciting part of our partnership with Mayflower is seeing the wedding day come together after the hard work of Mayflower, couples and all of their vendors. It’s really helpful having a partner like Mayflower who can connect us with couples that love the White Mountains, our property and the overall vision of creating a nontraditional wedding.”

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