Love and COVID-19

In these uncertain times, it is easy to get sad or even frustrated with the thought of your special day not going as initially planned. The most important thing to remember is that everyone in your network, from venues and vendors, to friends and family, is doing everything in their power to support you through this. We'll all get through this together.

The fact of the matter is that this STINKS- for couples, for businesses, for everyone. It's up to all of us to accept the reality and band together (figuratively) and pivot. Pivot by rescheduling your wedding (couples), pivot by maybe taking on more weddings a weekend than initially planned (vendors), pivot by opening up additional weekends (venues). Together we can support each other in creating a Plan B and finding a time for when you can, safely, gather to celebrate your love.

We at Weven want to offer ourselves as one of those support systems. Whether you are a currently booked Weven couple that isn't sure what to do, a couple that has made the difficult decision to reschedule and now need a new venue, or a couple that just so happens to be getting some extra time together while #stayinghome and just starting your venue search- we're here.

Currently Booked Weven Couples

If you are thinking about postponing:

(1) Start with your venue. Knowing your options is the best way to start this process. We'll work with the venue host to confirm their availability in the chance you would like to reschedule to a later date. Think about what is most important to you- location, style, price, etc. As things start to book out further than normal, understanding your options is an important first step.

(2) Talk with your vendors. Your vendors are likely working with other couples that are going through the same thing. Use them as a resource but also to get a read on what your options are from a contract standpoint, as well as, what their schedules look like.

(3) Reach out to your guests. Are you inviting many out-of-town guests that will need to reschedule flights? Are there previously scheduled events that your guests may be attending that you'll need to plan around? Talk to your key attendees and ensure that you are all on the same page.

(3) Determine your priorities. Is it the view of the White Mountains that you've been dreaming about as the backdrop to your special day? Or is it the unique floral structures that are a must-have? Breakdown what means the most to you- then use it as a guiding light. If you end up with conflicting availability, having this list for yourself will help keep you focused on what matters most to you and what to use as your starting point for a new date.

(4) Take a deep breath. At the end of the day, your wedding WILL happen and you will be surrounded by family and friends, and most importantly, your fiance.
After all, love conquers all, doesn't it?

Couples In Need of a New Wedding Venue

Our nontraditional spaces are nontraditional in that they are not a wedding factory every weekend- instead they are small businesses hoping to share their beautiful spaces with in-love couples. Now, more than ever, this is clear. Our hosts are opening up additional weekends at their spaces to help account for the many couples that have been displaced from their original venue due to COVID-19. These hosts are also powering their business through Weven to have superior service for couples- providing you with contract terms, cancellation and rescheduling policy conversations all upfront, so you are aware of your options and the support you will receive before you make any decisions to reschedule.

We're here to help find you an amazing space to (safely) gather your family and friends to celebrate your love. Reach out to a Venue Representative today by emailing We'll work with you to find a space that can meet (if not, exceed) your original vision!

Couples Just Starting Their Venue Search

There are also many of you that are finding yourselves planning now that you have more time with your significant others- we're also here to support you.

While most venues have halted their in-person tours, there are hosts that are willing to do virtual tours via Facetime or Google Hangouts (just ask!). Each venue partner is doing their part in helping you discover the right venue and secure your wedding date!

As always, our goal is to help each couple discover and book a venue that matches their vision, and also enable the successful creation of the perfect wedding day through simple online tools and logistical support.

Now, more than ever, online booking and remote planning tools are required for your special day. Take advantage of Wevens' venue listings for photos of the property, live availability and booking, and our online tools to manage your payment plan, logistical support and remote planning (and more!).

At the end of the day, we're here to help.
Start discovering today!