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3 Ways to Improve Your Client Experience Through Personalization

First impressions are everything, especially for wedding venues! An inquiring couple’s first impression of you and your venue is the difference between converting leads into bookings and average weddings to amazing ones!

By being more mindful of your potential clients, you’ll be sure to leave a strong first impression and continue to provide a positive planning experience. So how do you do that? We recommend incorporating a more personalized touch in your client communication. Whether it’s their first inquiry, their on a venue tour or they’re planning their booked event, try and make your client feel special.

Let’s take a look...

When They First Inquire
When a couple inquires about your venue, take it as a compliment! While it is their way of saying they like the looks of your space, there is still some selling you’ll have to do to secure a booking! We recommend sharing stories about previous couples who hosted their event at the same time of year or with a similar vision and style. This action helps the couple feel more confident about bringing their vision to life at your venue!

When They Tour
Seeing your venue and meeting you in person for the first time will always leave a lasting impression with couples. After all, you might be hosting one of the most important days of their lives! Here are a few ideas for how you can make their touring experience standout-

Offer a drink or snack-- maybe even give them a small token to remember your space (For example, if you are an apple orchard, you can offer a small bag of apples grown right on-site). You can also send a personalized thank-you note in the mail after the tour- who doesn’t love snail mail? We also always recommend that you follow up after the tour to answer any lingering questions and to provide them with the contract and next steps if they want to move forward! These actions will immediately show the couple that you care about them and their special day!

When Planning
When it comes to the planning process, we recommend supporting your couple’s planning process in phases:

Phase 1: The Basics
While you may only be one piece of the puzzle for their wedding day, we recommend that you check in on your couples while they are planning!
Try to offer the couple’s advice! Remember, this is likely their first time planning a wedding and you’ve done this a few times, so your recommendations and support go a long way!

Phase 2: Vendors, Assemble!
After establishing a foundation for the wedding, phase two is about researching and booking vendors. While some couples may have a wedding planner that will do most of the legwork on this, we always recommend you share local vendor recommendations. Providing your own tried and true vendor list helps couples feel confident that the vendor is reliable and will be able to bring their vision to life at your property!

Phase 3: The Big Day!
When the big day arrives, it’s important to provide your couples a seamless and relaxing day. One way to achieve this is by offering a welcome basket. This basket should include important information like a printout of the event timeline or instructions for the wifi, but what will really stick with them is if you also include a personal touch, like a bottle of champagne or flowers as a congratulatory gift!

Beyond just being the beautiful backdrop, you as the venue are the foundation for each couple’s wedding day! By enhancing your client’s experience with personal touches, details, and surprises, you will be sure to leave a lasting impression and help them in planning a stress-free, memorable wedding celebration! Even more, that great experience will make those clients want to sing praises about your venue which could lead to future business!

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