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Luxury Wedding Restroom Rentals - Yes it’s a REAL thing!

You’ve chosen a nontraditional wedding venue and it’s perfect. It’s unique, fully customizable and completely reflective of you and your partner’s personality. In all of it’s uniqueness though, it has one common characteristic of a more nontraditional space; that’s right, it doesn’t come with bathrooms.

Is this even possible you ask? What do people do, and will my guests be comfortable? The answers to your questions - yes - this is common - and today’s luxury restroom trailers will leave your guests not just comfortable but impressed on how you turned your nontraditional venue into a magnificent event space perfect for your special day.

Weven specializes in nontraditional wedding venues and their associated wedding logistics needs. In doing so, we often get questions from couples who are unfamiliar with the high-end, luxury restroom rentals on the market today.

To help you navigate this early and likely unfamiliar planning task, we teamed up with VIP to Go, one of the Northeast’s leading luxury restroom rental companies to bring you the latest updates and considerations when you are ready to rent your restroom trailer. Together, we’ve outlined the amenities and services available with today’s high-end restroom rentals, guidelines on how many restrooms you’ll need for your event, and the planning considerations to think through for the rental that’s right for you.

VIP to Go Image of restroom
Outside of 3-station with ADA ramp

When we say Luxe, we mean Luxe!

Today’s restroom trailers are nothing short of full-fledged luxury, magically placed inside the most rustic setting. From standard items like lighting, fans, mirrors, and fresh running water, to upgrades like heat, A/C, high end finishes (think TVs and fireplaces), onboard water tanks and ADA compliant ramps, you can ensure ultimate guest comfort.

Want to take it to the next level? Rent a trailer with a common area or consider hiring an attendant. For roughly $65.00/hour you can ensure your restrooms are not only running smoothly but meticulously maintained throughout your entire event!

Rolls Royce Trailer
Inside of 3-station Rolls Royce trailer

How Many / How Much?
For the men, it’s pretty simple. To avoid lines you’ll want 1 restroom per every 50 to 100 guests. For women, it’s no surprise that these luxe restrooms can become more than just a bathroom. Yes, these restrooms can become a meeting area, make-up refresh station, hair and dressing area (dress bustle anyone?) or just an area to cool off. For this reason, it can be nice to give your guests a little extra space. Consider renting a trailer with a common area such as this great 5-stall “Rolls Royce” Trailer, or a trailer with an extra stall to help cut down on lines, such as this 3-stall Trailer to meet all of your guests needs.

Restroom Floor Plan
8-Station Restroom Trailer with common sink area for both men and women.

Everything Else you Need to Know!
When renting a trailer you’ll want to think through the following just to ensure you have what you need when they arrive.

  • Accessory Equipment and Set Up: You need water and electricity for every trailer, but don’t worry, these can be rented too! If you have access to a hose hook up and a garden hose, as well as, one-two 20 amp circuits with extension cord you should be fine. If you don’t know, or the hook-ups aren’t available, simply let your restroom company know and they’ll add onboard water and an accessory generator to your reservation.

  • Placement and Delivery: If you’ve selected a Weven, you can check your My Wedding account for recommended placement which includes a flat location, and access to power and water. If not, we recommend striking a balance between easily accessible yet tucked away so as not to be the center of attention.

Depending on placement, you might need to sequence delivery and pick-up. For example, if you are having the trailer placed behind the tent, be sure to request an earlier delivery to ensure access. It’s also important to note that restroom trailer doors (men’s and women’s) are on the driver side of the truck hauling it. This means that the truck hauling the trailer will need room to pull forward to get out of the space after dropping it off. Last, if you or your venue is providing the water and power, you’ll want to have them ready upon delivery. This will ensure the delivery expert can hook up the trailers, test their functionality, and show you (or your uncle :) how to turn them on and off as needed.

  • The Extra Details:
    • Side Table: Often guests head to the restroom with a drink in hand and have to fumble with it as they get the door. Consider adding a cocktail table outside for guests to set their drink on before entering the restroom. This will also ensure the indoor trash doesn’t fill up with bottles instead of paper towels too quickly.
    • Lighting: Restroom trailers all come with a small safety light on the outside, however, to ensure the safety and comfort of your guests, you’ll want to add additional area lighting outside the trailers and along the pathway to and from restrooms. This will ensure guests can easily find their way and keep everyone upright event after a few drinks!
    • Toiletries: Trailers have ample soap, toilet paper, paper towels, and garbage bags. If you want a little extra sparkle, like a cute toiletries basket to pamper your guests, feel free to put your own flare on one and set a small basket out tailored to your guests!

More questions on nontraditional venues or venue related logistics? Search venues here, or chat us online at www.mayflowervenues.com, where we specialize in nontraditional venues and your venue-specific wedding logistics needs.

Kelly Overstreet

Kelly Overstreet

Outdoors enthusiast and former Army Logistician, Kelly perfected the science of planning in the most austere environments. She now develops venue management solutions to help support venue partners.

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