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Nontraditional Wedding Venues That Give Back

Here at Weven, we love giving back!

While our main goal is to provide couples, like you, a unique place to host your special day, we also are delighted to help many of our venues in their quest to preserve land and history and to give back to their communities. Since the primary function of these venues varies from preserving and protecting land to educating the public on climate change, partnering with Weven and utilizing the online tools we offer enables them to focus on their goals while also providing you with a seamlessly implemented, and beautiful, wedding day!

Here are a few of our favorite nontraditional venues that give back-

The Farmstead at Appleton Farms (Massachusetts)

The Farmstead at Appleton Farms
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Not far from Boston lies the Farmstead at Appleton Farms. This unique venue is a quintessential New England farm. Backed by nine generations of love and devotion to the farmground, The Farmstead perfectly preserves the history of this 1,000 acre colonial farm.

In an effort to maintain the beauty of this land, the Appleton family has paired with the Trustees of Reservations. This organization focuses on protecting land, providing agriculture and food policy, studying climate change and natural gas pipelines, to name just a few of their passions. With this partnership, The Farmstead at Appleton Farms is able to maintain and preserve their gorgeous lands and many others like theirs!

Wells Reserve at Laudholm (Maine)

Magnolia Barn
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Located in the beautiful state of Maine, Magnolia Barn boasts 19th century farm buildings, a saltwater barn, and grounds overlooking Wells Bay. The land that this venue sits on is considered a National Historic Site dedicated to conserving the coast of Southern Maine.

Proceeds from your wedding help support climate research, education and conversation. Both a Reserve and a Trust, Magnolia Barn provides not only research and education on the land, but also uses funds to organize community events and programs to advocate for preservation and protection of the coastline.

Smith Farm Gardens (Connecticut)

Smith Farm Gardens
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Bashan Terraces captures the beauty of the outdoors through vibrant gardens, gorgeous green forests and a New England estate. This family owned venue is more than just a beautiful location for your special day, though. Not only does the property have a restored organic farm and orchard, but the owners also started a non-profit business (AVP- Adult Vocational Program) providing meaningful and healthy work opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Many of the beautiful grounds at Bashan Terraces have been restored with the help of the Landscape Program through the AVP. Hosting your wedding day on this land will not only put a smile on your face, but also the many folks that have put their heart and soul into restoring it to its current state of beauty!

Veasey Memorial Park (Massachusetts)

Veasey Memorial Park
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Established in 1906, Johnson's Brook has 45 acres of stunning conservation land that captures 80 acres of freshwater views. These lands are open to the public to enjoy activities including but not limited to walking trails, places to picnic, fish and canoe!

All proceeds from Johnson's Brook go towards preserving this precious land and keeping it maintained to be enjoyed by the public. This is a fabulous place for any nature and animal lover as there are many unique species of animals that have been spotted within the grounds of this park.

At Mayflower Venues, we love to discover new and unique venues that not only love to host our couples on their special day, but also give back to their communities. With the help of our online tools, you'll be able to customize your wedding to showcase your personality and capture the beauty of your venue's land!