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Wedding Collaboration Tools Made Just For You

Let’s pop some champagne--you’re engaged! Ready to start planning but don’t want to do it alone? You shouldn't have to!

Oftentimes we have the instinct to tackle planning on our own so as not to hassle others, but remember this is a time in your life when you’re surrounded by friends and loved ones who want to help on your big day! Not only do we recommend collaborating with those you love for great ideas and support, but delegation is key to having a relaxing wedding celebration.

Wevens' Online Wedding Planning Portal provides you and your team one central account full of wedding collaboration tools to help you prioritize your most important tasks, stay in sync regarding your vision and vendors, and collaborate together throughout your entire planning journey.

Via our Planning Portal, you can easily invite your planner, family and friends into your account and assign them the role best suited for their skills. Like Super Admin for your planner or Supporter for your best intentioned cousin. Assigning them roles will give them access to the necessary components of your planning portal and voilà -- just like that, you’re all set to entrust distinct responsibilities to each of them such as adding your vendors or just leaving you an encouraging note from within your planning checklist.

Still uncertain about inviting users inside your planning portal? Here’s the top three reasons other couples say it’s a must!

1. Those who love you want to help!

Have you heard your friends or family members utter the classic words, “If there’s anything I can do, just let me know…”? They’re not just putting empty words out there--they genuinely want to be involved and help with what they can!

Whether it’s picking up guests at the airport or collecting dresses at the dry cleaner, there are many simple tasks you can give to those who offer to help. Not only does this spread an air of inclusion and a sense of collaboration, but it will help you rest easy knowing your errands are in safe hands.

Vermont Mountain View Wedding

Photo Credit: STUDIO ART & PHOTO

2. Your talented loved ones have a lot to offer

Your friends and family members may possess some hidden or well-known unique talents that can really support your wedding! Does someone love baking? Maybe they can help bake some homemade sweets? Is there a talented performer in your group? Maybe they can present a custom piece at your wedding?

However you’re involving the people you care about, you’ll know their contribution is special and one-of-a-kind.

SouthShore Barn Wedding

Venue: The Barn at Benson's Pond

3. It magnifies the fun!

Why DIY, when you can DIT (Do it Together)? Rather than buying generic centerpieces or room decorations, you can do what we like to call DIT and together personalize unique aspects of your wedding. Think custom centerpiece creation or creating those hotel gift bags -- Doing it Together really is a lot more fun!

Kamp Kohut

Venue: Kamp Kohut

So take it from those who have gone before you -- wedding planning really is a journey that’s better in a group. From professionals like your planner or vendors, to your life long BFF who knows you better than anyone, we invite you to collaborate together.

Log in, add a user to your account, and start planning together today!