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Your Post-Wedding Clean Up Plan: Leaving Your Beautiful Wedding Venue The Same Way You Found It!

We know garbage isn't the most glamorous topic, but it is an important, and often forgotten, aspect of your nontraditional wedding. If you implement a solid recovery and clean up plan prior to your big day, it will make for a much more pleasant experience for you, your vendors and venue host.

Step One:
Check your venue listing page for specific trash rules. Our venues have various rules regarding trash, so it is important that you are well acquainted with your particular venues' policy. If you are unsure where to find this, simply reach out to your Weven representative.

Step Two:
Establish who is doing what. Check with each of your vendors if they will be involved in clean up. If so, have a contact name and number to reach them for day-of coordination. Also, confirm their expected arrival time to ensure it is in-line with your venue rules.

Step Three:
Review the list below with each of your vendors. Each vendor will have multiple items that need to be broken down and properly trashed post-wedding day. An alternative is to donate your items. We've pulled together some companies that specialize in this option below.

Weven: Cortland Hills Orchard
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Whether you have hired a full-catering company or a drop-off catering company, you need to consider disposing of any leftover containers, food, cake/ dessert. You also need to have a plan for all remaining beverages and bottles (what gets recycled? what is trash? what purchased items will you keep?). Additionally, we recommend that you work with your caterer and barenders to rent extra garbage cans and bags for these items.

If you are interested in composting leftover food we recommend checking out Bootstrap Compost.

Weven Wild Meadows Hilltop
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  • Typically, your catering company will be in charge of all food and beverage specific rentals. They will also be in charge of placing all dirty items back into the appropriate rental crates and bins post-wedding.

  • Make sure someone (again, typically catering) removes all linens, i.e tablecloths and napkins, from the tables and returns them to linen bags for the rental company.

  • The breakdown of tables and chairs is also typically done by catering. Please note that some chairs may need to go back into bags before pickup so you don’t get charged extra.

  • Confirm with the tent company what time they plan on breaking down the tent, dance floor and stage for the band.

  • Confirm with the restroom and generator company when they will arrive to breakdown their equipment (if applicable).

Weven Magnolia Barn
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Flower disposal includes all things flowal- including but not limited to all actual flower arrangements, storage vessels, the ceremony arch and often candles, as well. Make sure to confirm timing with your florist for breakdown and removal of your items. Some florists prefer night-of breakdown, while others will return the following day to pick up your items.

In the event your florist is not doing pick up, you'll need to have a back-up plan for disposal of these items. You'll have a few options in this scenario:

  1. Give the centerpieces to guests at the end of the wedding

  2. Re-purpose your centerpieces for a day-after-wedding brunch, should you be having one.

If you are interested in donating your flowers to a great cause, we recommend taking a look at Repeat Roses.

Weven Sunset Greenhouse
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Lastly, you will need to dispose of all of your decor items. Smaller items such as gifts, card boxes, guest books and leftover wedding favors should be collected at the end of the wedding night. Larger items such as over-sized installations, signage and lighting will have a different breakdown schedule that will be based on the specific vendor. Be sure to coordinate this exact time with each of your vendors.