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5 Steps to Differentiate your Weven Storefront

The best Weven storefronts answer the questions couples didn’t even know they had.

We’ve designed your venue’s page to be easily navigable and simple for visitors to understand all the necessary details your venue can display.

Now it’s time for YOU to populate it with an engaging narrative and important information that entices potential clients to consider booking with you.

Here’s a 5 step guide to help you achieve the ultimate storefront:

Step 1: Choose Distinctive Visuals

Your featured picture is front and center, bigger than even your venue’s name. It will be the first thing people look at and instinctively judge whether they want to continue looking, or move on.

You want to grab their attention with a powerful visual that’s representative of your venue’s true nature. Think, “what is the one picture I want people to associate with my venue?” Are you going for Charming? Intimate? Grandiose?

The following pictures on your storefront’s slideshow are just as important as the featured one to keep a potential client’s attention--so choose strategically. Make sure there are photos that help couples visualize your venue space. And there are close-ups of attractions that make your venue special like farm animals or intricate stone walls. Don’t forget to include a variety of pictures with faces and without.

People understand images faster than words, especially when shopping around, so put emphasis on establishing captivating visuals as they are key to a solid first impression.


Step 2: Provide the Basics

It might seem simple, but your basic information like venue style, price point, and guest capacity will be a major factor to how couples search for venues so ensure this is not empty!

Style: Select up to three styles that fit your venue--especially if your venue’s style falls under an uncommon category with fewer venues, your venue will naturally stand out among a small number of choices. Couples love browsing by aesthetics especially when they’re just beginning the search so catch them early!

Price: Have a variable price, especially if you have add-on amenities, with a starting point rather than a fixed price to leave room to customize your quote for your clients.

Guest Count: Fill in your max guest count for outdoor/indoor spaces when applicable. Couples often have a number in mind for guest count so they’re sure to look at these traits. Especially in times of COVID, couples may be concerned about the safety and comfort of their guests so they won’t want to exceed the caps.

Micro weddings have surged in popularity due to COVID-19 and its impact around the culture of social gathering. We understand some couples are now in search of smaller, more intimate events while still hosting it at a venue of their dreams. If you’re a venue who can offer unique micro wedding packages, we encourage you to differentiate yourself and select the “micro wedding options available” trait to cater to emerging trends and capture more eyes!

Step 3: Show off Amenities

Lists and icons are impeccable at attracting attention. They’re easy for readers to process while still conveying lots of information. Site-goers will naturally click to expand your list of amenities/add-ons/rentals so show off what you have!

List amenities: Thoroughly give complimentary items your venue offers and what couples can add on. Each venue will naturally have different sets of amenities so make your venue stand out by including what you’re able to support with and unique items like handmade tables or decor from your farms.

Answer questions: Include descriptions of each amenity that answers inevitable questions like how many cars can your parking fit? or how much would renting space for a rehearsal dinner the night before cost? You want to be transparent with your audience because that only saves you and your clients time in the future.

Support with visuals: Add any supportive aerial maps or diagrams of floor plans that show where some of the main utilities like tents and portable bathrooms can go. When couples see there’s a feasible spot for ceremonies or placements for tables, they’ll feel at ease knowing that there are tried and true options for the vital decisions.

Step 4: Display available Accommodations

Weddings are an all-over affair. Guests can come from near or afar so providing local accommodations suggests your superior customer service.

Your Weven storefront will automatically populate an interactive map of nearby hotels and attractions. It’ll also give estimations of times from major cities and airports. Outside of this, you can also create a list of recommended local accommodations to support any couples who want an easy-to-work-with spot.

If you offer on-site housing, make sure you highlight this convenient bonus aspect! Sometimes couples are skeptical or unaware of this option so provide an adequate summary of how renting on-site housing works.

On-site housing: Fill in details like number of guests/beds available, populate the description with informative text, and show plenty of neat photos of what the interiors look like. Avoid showing the same areas in different angles--instead, show off multiple parts of the house like bedrooms, bathrooms, and even the exterior so couples can get a better sense of what to expect.

Step 5: Showcase your Setting

For couples who are hooked by your pictures and satisfied by the logistical aspects, they’ll want to get to know your venue a little more. This is when you can describe your venue beyond the surface level and convey memorable attributes like your venue’s history.

Not sure how to write a description? Starting a section off with a question can help to engage your reader. Using figurative language with easy-to-visualize adjectives is also beneficial.

One easy way to write about your venue is pretending to take your reader on an imaginary ride across your venue. Start with where they’ll enter your property and advance them through the ceremony grounds to the reception location where they can enjoy dancing their night away. Soon, this imagination might just come to fruition!

Stories are also easy to follow so if your venue has an interesting history, tell us about it! If you have a promotional video with previous weddings or drone footage that tours your venue, we strongly suggest including it so viewers can catch a 3d experience of your tour and increase your chance of establishing a connection.

Need help adding a feature or optimizing your storefront for key search terms used by today’s couples? Contact the Venue Success team today.