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Marketing Your Offering With a Venue Brochure

Before stepping foot on your property, a brochure allows couples to visualize themselves saying “I do” in your beautiful space, highlight what makes your venue unique and provide all the necessary details your venue has to offer! Providing inquiring couples important information early in their decision-making process not only establishes your venue as a trusted ally but reduces the number of questions your team has to field and drives more qualified leads into bookings!

Here’s a six-step guide to help you achieve a successful venue brochure!

Step One: Provide Pricing and Packaging Upfront

Let’s face it, not only is this one of the first questions couples ask, it’s also a major factor in how couples search for their venue- so, we recommend that you cut to the chase and be transparent! Be sure to include your base price, and any upgrades or add-ons so couples know if it fits into their budget.

Step Two: Describe Your Amenities

List what's included and your add-ons: Every wedding venue naturally has different perks, so make your venue stand out by listing what you're able to offer- and don’t be shy! Include all amenities from complimentary to add-on’s with descriptions to answer couples foreseeable questions.

Provide accommodation recommendations: Weddings bring in guests from all corners of the world, so where those guests are staying is important to each couple. If you are lucky enough to have on-site accommodations- be sure to show them off! The fact that guests won’t have to travel is a huge bonus. If you don’t, include a brief section with local hotels or AirBnB's so couples can get started on booking rooms for their friends and family. They’ll appreciate the extra thought you put into helping not only them, but their guests enjoy the weekend!

Support with visuals: Remember, couples pay attention to detail so differentiate your brochure by providing aerial maps or diagrams of your venue that may include where the tent should be located, parking or even utilities like the water hookup.

Step Three: Highlight Custom Features About Your Property

Whether your venue is a museum in MA, a vineyard in NY, or a summer camp in ME, be sure to highlight the unique aspects of your venue in your brochure! Telling the story of your venue will help couples connect with you and see how unique of a place it really is!

Early on in the brochure, describe your venue beyond the pictures and convey memorable attributes like your venue's story or history. Take your potential client through an imaginary tour of your venue, advancing from the ceremony to the reception you want to describe their perfect night!

Step Four: Put Your Property on Display!

Show off! Put your property front and center because it will be the first thing people look at and instinctively judge whether they want to learn more or continue looking. You want to grab the couples attention with a powerful visual thats representative of your venue’s true nature- so choose strategically! To ensure your photos help couples visualize your venue space, we recommend choosing an array of photos - include visuals of your space in its natural beauty as well as all dressed up for an event!

Step Five: Share Reviews from Previous Couples

As couples prepare for one of the most important days of their lives, they want proof that your venue is the real deal! Providing testimonials from couples who have already hosted an event at your property is a great way to give those exploring your venue for the first time peace of mind. Having third-party confirmation during this stressful decision-making process builds confidence in you and your venue and establishes your venue as a trustworthy and reliable business.

Step Six: Share Your Preferred Vendors as Inspiration

Whether you have a favorite tent company or your sister is a local florist, sharing some of your local partners will help get couples inspired! The venue brochure can act as a directory by providing a group of preferred vendors you trust and recommend. Your vendor relationships also give couples confidence in your business! Remember, you can always share your full list of vendors (and their contact information) when messaging by selecting the Share > Preferred Vendor List option!

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