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Solving the Logistics Behind Custom Weddings at Nontraditional Venues: "Wedding Creativity Enabled"

At Weven we believe couples should be able tell their unique story on their wedding day. This is why we are on a mission to deliver “Wedding Creativity Enabled.”

We realized that in order for couples to tell their story on their wedding day, they needed access to more unique spaces that could reflect their values and be customized to create a truly personal experience. We called these more nontraditional wedding venues, “Open Space Venues” because their blank canvas and open nature, meant you could actually create something personal there. Each of our venues hosts only a single wedding per weekend and just a handful per year. We let you bring your own preferred vendors to make sure you can really create something that is personal to you.

The challenge with giving couples access to these venues, however, was that most couples were intimidated by planning something so custom. Couples loved the idea of a orchard wedding but had questions such as “How big a tent should I have? Will it fit? Is there enough power for a restroom trailer?” These questions are what led us to create our own proprietary event planning tools to make it easier for couples to plan personalized and custom events in unique spaces. We call it the “Do-It-Together” or “D-I-T” solution. Using our proprietary venue analysis software, we build specific planning and vendor coordination tools for each venue so that you can plan your own personalized wedding in one of these amazing spaces from the comfort of your couch.

The Gardens Estate in Westminster VT Tent

In the coming weeks, my teammate Kelly, a former Army Logistician, event planner, and now Head of Platform Operations for Weven, will share how couples can create unique weddings in open spaces, one topic at a time -- from planning your power needs, to choosing a tent style, to selecting your restrooms.

We hope these future posts help ensure “Wedding Creativity Enabled” for you whether you are planning a wedding today or want to book an open space venue with us in the future!