What is a Nontraditional Open Space Venue?

Imagine a 200 year old family farm on a hilltop in New Hampshire. A ceremony looking out at the White Mountains and a cocktail hour with your guests winding through lily gardens and golden grass fields. Bring in your favorite caterer, watch friends play cornhole and see your family dancing to your favorite songs. Weven allows couples to discover and transform these kinds of rare, open spaces into a customized wedding venue that can reflect their values and tell their unique story. These open spaces are some of the most nontraditional and amazing venes we have come across.

White Mountain Farmstead Cocktail Gardens

"Open Space Venues" is a concept we use to guide us to in bringing to market some of the most unique, rare and fully customizable nontraditional venues in New England. Too many traditional or commercial venues require standard event processes in order to host many events per week. Our Open Space Venues are not wedding or event factories. Quite the opposite of a traditional venue, Weven only host a single wedding per weekend in order to remain as open and as customizable as possible. There are no required vendors here, you pick the vendors who will help you create your story. They are real places owned by real New Englanders who love their land and want to keep it open for generations to come.

Our unique venue onboarding app collects the key logistics of how an event could be set up in these open spaces (i.e. What style reception tents can fit where? Where would a mobile bathroom trailer need to park? How many feet of hose does your caterer need to reach the water supply?). By helping to solve these harder logistical questions, Weven allows couples to spend time imagining and creating instead of leaving voicemails for venue coordinators and vendors. If you want to learn more about the actual "How" our tools and services enable remote venue customization, stay tuned for our next few posts.

To many of us, these open spaces are the farms, orchards, historic family estates, beaches and more where we created the memories that define us. Whether it is hiking, visiting a local farm, canoeing, or picnicking with your partner, they are places we care about and they are part of our stories.

Weven was built to give couples the power to create and tell their story on the day their friends and family will remember forever. It’s the story of you, no one can tell it better than you and your partner, we are just here to help give you the right space and tools to do it your way.