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The Beauty of Nontraditional Wedding Venues

The documentation of your wedding day is so essential it almost sounds silly to mention.

But think about it: you get one shot (cheesy pun intended) to get it right and who you choose and trust to capture the details of your big day is critical.

The right photographer will capture the essence and beauty of your nontraditional wedding venue while featuring you, the couple, as the focal point. There is more to a wedding than nailing that Insta ready aesthetic you're dreaming of.

A photographer's goal is to tell your love story through photos. Your unique wedding venue choice is a significant statement in and of itself. It sets the mood and memory of an evening your guests will always remember.

Couples who are drawn to nontraditional wedding venues tend to be adventurous, spirited, and often have a one-of-kind love story to tell. Choose a photographer who embraces the charm of a unique wedding venue and uses the visual inspiration your setting provides to complement you and your fiance in your wedding photos.

Below is a first-hand account written by talented wedding photographer, Alexandra Nurthen, of ALN Images.

Read on to learn how she draws her inspiration and energy for a shoot from her surroundings.

I hadn't breathed air so crisp in a long, long time. Something oddly felt like home when I prepared to shoot Marian and Lee's wedding. Something happens when you walk onto the grounds of vast outdoor space. Nature does all the work. Maybe it's chemical?? Psychological? We may never know! But I know y'all can't deny that amazing feeling I'm talking about.

It's never a person, a croissant I get on the way while traveling, the boots I chose to wear, or the car I get to drive. When it's all said and done, I think it all has to do with the venue: The vibe. The feeling. The atmosphere. The ease and understanding that everything makes sense.

outdoor wedding venue wedding photo
unique wedding venue wedding photo

That's what it feels like when I'm privileged with one of Weven's spots. Your venue is your canvas, right? It's the first thing you choose when planning your wedding and then everything comes to life with that decision.

In this case, it was that raw, openness of a farm. There's a barn and an immense amount of outdoor space for as many guests as you want. In the case of Marian and Lee, it was casual, and so for cocktails, everyone could walk between spaces leisurely. Grandparents didn't need to move much if they didn't want to, yet the younger crowd could change spaces as fast as they changed cocktails.

nontraditional wedding venue wedding photo
outdoor wedding venue wedding photo

The venue had so much to gaze at and take in that it wasn't necessary to add all that much. Accents here, accents there. Marian and Lee have such incredible, adventurous spirits. Their hearts matched not only those of their friends and family but of the carefree vibe of the venue.

The simplicity of the design went hand in hand with what the venue already had to offer. This is a huge benefit to choosing these wide open, untouched farm style venue spaces.

You do not need to do much! Your guests are already in awe and grateful of experiencing the space. Fill it with the right people, and you're likely off to the races.

unique wedding venue wedding photo
nontraditional wedding venue wedding photo

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