/ Fall Wedding

Why We Love Fall Weddings

Fall weddings have a distinct charm, especially in New England.

With so much natural beauty in our region it's tough to isolate exactly what makes a fall wedding magical but we have some ideas.

We reached out to our squad of wedding friends and experts for their take on why autumn just might be the perfect time of the year to say I do.

Forest Wedding Photo

"Autumn is when the leaves smile but it's also the perfect time to fall in love all over again." - Breshell

Fall Wedding Venue Scene

"Fall weddings, complete with gentle breezes, rustling leaves and fireside chats, are the most romantic to me. With a nip in the air, couples snuggle up to get warmer." - Eva of Eva Clark Events

Fall Wedding Photo

"What's not to love about fall weddings? There's something just very warm and a little extra romantic about autumn weddings. And one of my very favorite parts? The outdoor wedding portraits this time of year because as the leaves fall, it's like nature's confetti helping the couple celebrate their day!" - Victoria of Victoria Boucher Photography

Fall Wedding Floral Bouquet

"I love fall weddings because we get to use so much seasonal COLOR in our floral arrangements, and sweet moody hues! Plus, it's dahlia season, and there's nothing better than locally grown dahlias." - Phoe of Ephemera Designs

What's your favorite element of fall weddings?