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Three Ways To Have A Safe Wedding During COVID

Wedding planning can be a daunting task for any couple, but with a global pandemic, it can go from daunting to feeling absolutely impossible.

To help guide you through these new guidelines and restrictions, we have put together 3 ways you can stay safe on your special day!



Photo Credit: Jen Huang Bogan

A popular trend amidst COVID-19 has been to switch from a big wedding to a “micro wedding.” While this might not be the ideal option, downsizing your guest list can help insure you and your guests can stay safe and social distance. These weddings typically consist of 50 or less people. If you weren’t already planning on having a wedding this size, try not to be too discouraged! With less guests means you can save money and even splurge on some of the things that didn’t make your budget cut originally. And for those who can no longer attend, you can livestream so they won’t miss a thing!

Make masks fashion


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To help keep everyone safe and fashionable, you can give out masks as party favors. I know what you’re thinking, masks don’t exactly scream fashion forward but they totally can! If you check out Etsy they have endless possibilities for customizable masks on your special day. Whether you want to personalize each guest's mask or keep them all the same, Etsy has it all! These masks will not only be a great way to keep everyone safe but also a great party favor to remember the day from.

Keep it outdoor

Outdoor Tent

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Regardless of the circumstances, an outdoor wedding venue is always the way to go in our option! These spaces offer nature as your decor and allow you and your guests to dance the night away under the moonlight. Whether you’re looking for an elegant affair or rustic vibe, an outdoor venue can provide! With an outdoor, blank canvas you are given the freedom to create your dream wedding and still stay safe. From a wedding on a mountain top to a wedding on the lawn of an estate, your options are truly endless!

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