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Four Things To Consider When Planning Your Wedding in 2022

With all the postponements from 2020 and 2021, along with the couples who are already planning a 2022 wedding, many couples are planning to have their wedding this coming year. Now that's a whole lot of pressure to secure your dream day! 2022 is forecasted to be the busiest wedding year on record since 1984, with an estimated total of about 2.4 million weddings!

After a year of virtual or micro-weddings, the upcoming wedding boom means that venues and vendors are booking up FAST. Every couple wants their wedding to be a memorable experience, which has led venue rentals and vendors to become one of the most essential and expensive line items on any couple's wedding budget. While the competition for wedding dates, venues, and vendors is strong, we have provided a few tips to make your 2022 wedding stronger!

Tips & Best Practices for couples planning a 2022 wedding:

Be flexible
If there's one thing that the pandemic has taught us, it is to be flexible! This applies to your wedding date and venue as well. For couples with a specific venue in mind, it's worth considering a few different dates or even seasons. On the other hand, for those set on a particular date, stay open to various venues. A different location or day of the week may not have been your first choice, but rest assured that your venue and vendor team will make your dream vision come alive wherever and whenever they can- everyone's rooting for you!

Be decisive when booking vendors
Vendors are booking up fast! Many vendors are still trying to make up for the lost year of business, and with a more significant number of events, they will be spread thin. We recommend being decisive when it comes to booking your vendors. If you absolutely love a florist, wedding planner, or caterer and have seen their work, don't wait to book them. Remember, the early bird catches the worm!

Focus on a few vendors
To help you get your dream team, we recommend focusing on 3-5 vendors you are passionate about hiring. Narrowing down your options quickly is the best way to acquire them and provide yourself peace of mind during the planning process.

Be patient
While it's certainly a relief to know that the world is hopefully on its way back to normal, we can't forget that businesses are still acclimating, and COVID-19 still exists. Remember to be patient and flexible during the planning process. Understand that your dream venue may be too expensive, or you may have to limit your number of guests. Perhaps, your favorite florist is out of business, or your favorite caterer can't take on another wedding. While we don't know what 2022 weddings will look like yet, it's important to prepare for anything.

At the end of the day, your venue and vendors are doing their best to bring your and all their client's visions to life on their special day (or as close as they can to originally planned!). Remain flexible, focus on a few vendors, book them, and remember to be patient when you're ready. The world turned upside down for everyone, so let's work together to celebrate love as best as we can in 2022! To find your dream venue and vendor, take a look at all Weven has to offer!