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What DIY Really Means

Do It Your-way.

There are a few pre-conceived notions of what DIY means with respect to weddings. You might think, creativity is a prerequisite, along with time, and of course a lot of “know-how.” On the flip side, while DIY can be intimidating, it can also come with a lot of perks! Here at Weven, we think the # 1 perk of a DIY wedding, is that you’re free to ultimately, “Do It Your-way!”

While Doing It Your-way, should be a given when it comes to your own wedding, there are in fact piles of constraints on each decision you have to make. For instance, many commercial venues limit you on what caterers you can use, and many vendors still require you to sign contracts in the most antiquated fashion: Think using snail-mail to return your photographer’s contract and initial deposit! For these reasons, DIY, or should we say, “Doing It Your-way” should be at the top of your list. Here’s some simple steps to ensuring you stay true to yourself throughout the planning process and ultimately achieve the truly one-of-a kind wedding you and your partner deserve.

  1. Determine What you Value

    Talk with your partner about what you each value most on your special day. It might be guest convenience or fun-factor as it was for my husband. It could also be ensuring that your wedding truly reflects your own unique personal style. Need some help with this step? At 42 North, a wedding planning firm on Massachusetts North Shore , they “conceptualize a unique vision from the ground up, interpreting their client’s taste.” In doing so, they ensure a “thoughtfully designed and flawlessly executed celebration,” perfectly in line with what you valued from the very beginning.

  2. Write Down your Vision Statement

    Even if you’ve talked about your vision, you might find yourself letting it fall when the going gets tough. What if you can’t find the perfect centerpiece, or a DJ that can sing like Frank Sinatra for your father-daughter dance? When setbacks happen, we tend to get frustrated and let details slide that were actually quite important to us, and if we are honest, really still are. Writing down your Vision Statement allows you to reflect back on it during a difficult discussion with a vendor, or after a series of dead end phone calls. So when the going gets tough, remember to go back to the beginning, your vision, where it all began.

  3. Pick Your Team

    Aside from your vision, picking the right team is probably the most important step to ensuring you achieve your dream wedding. Your team members can be professional, such as a wedding planner, or day-of coordinator, OR they can be your home-town loyalists who always have your back! Picking your team, means you’ll have advocates by your side. These advocates will help you negotiate a contract or sweet talk a vendor in order to ensure your vision is met. In the end, we know there are some team members you can’t pick, but for the remaining seats, be sure to choose those who’ll help you stay true to you.

  4. The Venue is King

    In the wedding planning process, remember The Venue is King. Translated simply, venues can make or break your creative freedom which is why many brides are choosing to steer clear of more commercial venues. Commercial venues often come with must-hire vendors and hidden-pricing extras. However, if you are looking for no-strings-attached and something truly customizable, Weven links unique open spaces across New England with couples ready to take on a truly “Do It Your-way” wedding. Selecting the right venue, not only provides the canvas for your final wedding creation, but sets the tone for how truly unique your wedding can ultimately be. So if you want the chance to select not only your bartender, but your signature drinks too, remember The Venue is King and you should be treated like a Queen!

  5. Streamline Booking

    Let’s face it - if you’re engaged - you just got busier! It’s an awesome time, you’ve got tons to do, and so it’s easy to catch yourself diving straight in. Remember the old adage, “haste makes waste?” This is why wedding pros recommend knowing your key criteria right from the very start. First, think about a range of possible dates and how important each date is to you. Also think about what style of venue you are looking for, as well as what customization options are most important to you. Knowing where you stand early on, will help you focus your search and sift through venues more quickly. Ultimately, you’ll have more time for those one-of-a-kind wedding features instead of playing phone tag with venues that end up not available or too restrictive for your unique style.

On behalf of Weven and couples everywhere, take the leap, and don’t just DIY, go ahead and “Do It Your-way!”

Kelly Overstreet

Kelly Overstreet

Outdoors enthusiast and former Army Logistician, Kelly perfected the science of planning in the most austere environments. She now develops venue management solutions to help support venue partners.

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