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July 20th, 2024

Jonathan Edwards Winery

74 Chester Maine Road

North Stonington CT, 06359

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Our Story

How We Met

We met in Poetry 101 at WashU. It IS as ridiculous as it sounds. Matt was a graduating senior who needed an English credit, and somewhere to eat his lunch on Mondays & Wednesdays. I was a freshman who....actually wanted to be there? Several rhyming poems about baseball later, we realized that while we might not have the same interests, we were definitely interested in each other.

The Proposal

Matt proposed in Hawaii the day before our 6-year anniversary. I was so excited– and thought the answer was so obvious– that I'm pretty sure I forgot to *actually* say the word "yes." But we both knew. We knew for a long time that we would spend our lives together. We knew we were lucky! We had found a partnership that thrived while hanging out with our friends, having mop slipper dance parties in the kitchen (look it up, your life will be forever changed), watching movies for hours during couch days, and even in total silence as we both worked from home.

We knew we'd found a love made of fun, support, and only the *occasional* Burly-related breakdown. Join us to celebrate the love we've built over these last seven years, and set the stage for many more to come!