Madeline & Marshall




1. What should I know about parking?
We will be providing transportation, but if you choose to drive, there is a gravel parking lot on-site that will require you to walk down a gravel pathway to the venue. First suggestion: carpool or take the shuttle! For the environment's sake, and for space limitations. Second suggestion: take your time walking and be safe, or you are welcome to have someone drop you off right at the front doors. There is a drop-off loop you can use that comes right up to the barn.

2. Is transportation provided?
Yes! We will be providing a shuttle service from the Holiday Inn Express West Jefferson to the Hemlock Barn and back.

3. Is smoking allowed?
There is no open-flame smoking of any kind allowed at the venue. If you can't go without it, please plan to bring a vape.

4. Can I take photos during the ceremony?
We are having an unplugged ceremony and kindly ask that you turn off your phone or put it on do-not-disturb. We have paid for a photographer and videographer who will provide beautiful cellphone-free photos :)

5. What is expected of me as a guest?
Show up (and communicate if you can't), eat dinner and cake, drink responsibly, and DANCE!

6. Can I bring a guest?
Our venue only allows a certain amount of people. While we would love to celebrate with everyone, we can only accommodate so many. We regretfully ask our guests to please not bring a plus one, unless they are specifically named on the invitation. Thank you so much for understanding!

7. Are children welcome to attend?
Yes, we are so excited to celebrate with you and your little ones! We do ask that you keep an especially close eye on them during special moments such as the ceremony, first dances, and speeches. We also cannot guarantee that explicit music will not be played, so we trust that you will decide what is best for your family!

8. What's for dinner?
Kalman's Bon Apetit will be catering! We will be having chicken, pulled pork, and a variety of sides. Please let us know if you will need a vegan meal. All of the food provided will be free of dairy. We will also have vegan and non-vegan cupcake options.

9. I am a flow artist, can I bring fire props or LED?
As much as we would love to have fire spinning, there are no open flames allowed at the venue. Feel free to bring LED and day props! We also plan to provide hula hoops to share.

10. I forgot to RSVP. Can I still attend?
Unfortunately, if you did not RSVP by the May 8th deadline, you will not be able to attend. We look forward to celebrating with you at a later date!

Saturday, June 8th

3:30 PM

Shuttle Pickup From Hotel to Venue at Holiday Inn Express West Jefferson

4:30 PM

Ceremony at Hemlock Barn

1088 Lower Nettle Knob Road, West Jefferson, NC 28694

5:00 PM

Cocktail Hour at Hemlock Barn

1088 Lower Nettle Knob Road, West Jefferson, NC 28694

6:00 PM

Reception at Hemlock Barn

1088 Lower Nettle Knob Road, West Jefferson, NC 28694

9:45 PM

Last Shuttle to Holiday Inn Express West Jefferson

What To Wear

Please dress in cocktail attire! Our bridesmaids will be wearing green, so please be mindful of your color choices as not to blend in with them. To get from the parking area to the barn will require walking on grass and gravel, so we ask that you keep this in mind when choosing which shoes to wear. Weather in the area can vary greatly, so please be prepared in the case of chilly weather or rain.