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July 6th, 2024

The Cabins on Strawberry Hill

5306 N. Highway 87

Strawberry AZ, 85544

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Our Story

How We Met

Baillie and Matt's love story began at the Desert Highlands Golf Club in Arizona. Baillie was working as a server while going to nursing school, while Matt had taken up the role of Assistant Golf Professional at the club. Despite working at the same place, they initially had little interaction, which led to some humorous misconceptions about each other.
For a while, Baillie believed that Matt was a married family man, likely due to his always professional appearance and mature demeanor. Matt, on the other hand, saw Baillie as a mysterious figure, often serving ladies during lunch events, and he assumed she had a goth rock persona. He jokingly blamed these erroneous judgments on the uniforms worn by the servers at Desert Highlands.
However, as time passed, they finally had a meaningful conversation about their shared love for country dancing at a local bar on the north side of town. This common interest brought them closer and allowed them to become friends. Matt's pursuit eventually paid off, and their friendship blossomed into a romantic relationship. Love, it seems, has a way of defying initial impressions.

The Proposal

The proposal held a beautiful simplicity, with a touch of heartfelt inclusion, as Baillie's family played a significant role. It was a sunny Sunday, April 2nd, a day when the family had gathered to celebrate Kurt's (Baillie's dad) birthday a bit early. Little did Baillie know that Matt had a surprise in store for her, orchestrated with the help of her mother, Elisa.
On that Sunday morning, Matt pretended to head to work as usual. As Matt was leaving that morning, Baillie made a comment saying how wouldn't it be nice if we were engaged already.
He patiently awaited the moment when Baillie and her family were all gathered together. Baillie's older brother Dillon and her mom insisted that the family go in the backyard for some sort of surprise. Baillie and her twin brother, Casey assumed it was a birthday present for their dad. Casey even went as far to think that Kurt was being gifted a car...
Sneaking around the house and through the backyard, Matt carefully made his way to where the family waiting. Matt wanted to include Millie in the proposal, but she was too spastic to sit still.
When he finally appeared around the corner, Baillie was taken completely by surprise. She hadn't anticipated that Matt would propose on this special day, especially considering it was during the busy part of his golf season. The unexpected proposal made the day even more memorable and significant for both of them.