Brittany & Cody



Thank you for your RSVP! Please register each person individually. Start by entering the full first and last name as it appears on your invitation to unlock your RSVP form. When complete, add subsequent guests, one at a time. Please respect our wishes and RSVP only the names on the invitation, due to limited space, we are ONLY able to accommodate guests formally invited!

If we do not get an RSVP back by November 1st, it will be marked as a "No." We will miss you celebrating with us, however, we have to provide total guest counts to the venue in a timely manner and cannot accept late RSVP's due to this. We hope you understand.

We love your little ones! However, we have decided to keep our wedding and reception an ADULTS only event! With the exception of the those serving in the wedding. We encourage you to use this evening as a date night! We can't wait to get your response & hope you can make it!