Brittany & Cody

We're Getting Married!





Ponchatoula, LA

(Stinky Mud Photography)

Strawberry Manor

1690 Veterans Ave, Ponchatoula, LA 70454

Our Story

How We Met

Our story starts on a wonderful dating app named Tinder. Seeing a beautiful woman who seemed to really enjoy Disney and has a Boxer (One of my favorite types of dogs) I had to swipe right. To break the ice and to not let her know I have already fallen for her, I messaged her "You're cute but your dog is "Two heart eye emojis". The rest is history and that must have worked because now she will be my wife.
I had absolutely no clue I'd fall in love with someone I met on a dating app. During a pandemic was when I least expected to meet my dream man. As soon as we really started talking and getting to know each other and finally met in person for the first time, I knew he was the "one". I didn't know how it was possible to find someone so compatible and share so many interests with someone I found online. So thankful for Tinder for bringing my person into my life:)

The Proposal

Being an honest person who cannot keep a secret to save my life, Brittany knew that I had gotten the ring and made sure it was sized to fit her. She told me multiple times that I would not be able to surprise her since anytime an event would come up, she would question if that's when it would happen. So about 45 minutes before my last final ever of college I was in my office and waited for her to get home. I had the door closed so she didn't come in to greet me, so I yelled for her to come see and I was waiting on one knee. Though she did give me the wrong hand, I was able to surprise her!