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May 11th, 2024

Chimney Pond Farm

240 Chimney Pond Rd

Glenville NC, 28736

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Our Story

How We Met

Kevin and I met on September 28, 2016 in Grand Teton National Park. I had just graduated from my Emory Anesthesia program, and Kevin had recently graduated from the University of South Carolina. I was on a celebratory hiking trip with a couple friends, Theresa and Taryn, and Kevin was in the midst of a short-term job at a wine shop in the park. While hiking up switchbacks to Amphitheater Lake, Kevin and his visiting friend, Peter, blew past us on the trail. Taryn noticed Kevin was wearing an Atlanta Braves hat and called out to the boys "Hey we're from Atlanta!". Kevin and Peter stopped to talk to us for about 90 seconds before convincing us to split off the path and hike an unmarked trail with them. (In hindsight, not the smartest decision, but it worked out..) We found ourselves at a steep boulder field and ascended to the top where we reached the most picturesque destination, Delta Lake. After spending some time at the lake and hiking back down the mountain together, we went for pizza and continued to get to know each other. It was such a great day that we exchanged numbers and two days later decided to go out for a fun night in Jackson. The girls and I left for home the following day, but Kevin and I continued to keep in touch over the next couple months until he moved back home to Alpharetta to begin his job at Manhattan Associates. As soon as he was back we began dating, and now here we are! So happy to celebrate our marriage with all of our nearest and dearest in May!!!

Pictured above are Kevin, Peter, Taryn, and Theresa hiking back down the mountain. Check the Photos tab and scroll to the bottom for more great pics from that day!