Sydnee & Daniel

Sydnee Thompson
Daniel Werner

Aug 24th, 2024

At Kamp Kohut

Oxford, Maine

Kamp Kohut

151 Kohut Rd

Oxford ME, 04270

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Our Story

How We Met

We met during the Fall 2014 at the University of Maine, where we attended college. We were sitting at a large dining room table with some friends when a spontaneous floor hockey game broke out (of course not with a hockey puck), but most likely a crushed natty light can. Shortly after the game was finished I asked Sydnee to attend our upcoming Fraternity formal. I had not shared my phone number with her so weeks later a message popped up on Facebook from Sydnee Thompson, “Formal Saturday night?” and the rest was history.

The Proposal

First and foremost, we had a plan to go fly fishing for weeks, but note that we never make plans that far in advance. This was a rare occurrence due to the fact that Daniel was on a trip in AK for two weeks, and we had one weekend together before my upcoming trip. We wanted to have a nice fun weekend hanging out together. The weekend came around and we, per usual, had not really planned on exactly where we were going, so we chose a river not too far from where we live. We got to the river and found a spot on the bank, set our stuff down, and Sage was already off making friends. I went to get Sage from the hillside. I came back down to the riverbank and was curious to see what Daniel had chosen for a fly set up. He was holding a fly box, then proceeded to ask “do you think this one will work?”. I looked down so convinced I was going to be looking at a fly. It took me far too long for my eyes to comprehend what I was truly looking at. It was not a fly. With the realization and surprised emotion overwhelming me, he then popped the real question. What a fabulous surprise!