Season 5 of Alex & Liz

You're Invited

October 6th, 2023

Twin Oaks Barn

6644 Cornwallis Road

Garner NC, 27529

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Our Story

How We Met

It was a nice sunny day at the beginning of March this guy walked into my store and said " Hey I'm working here now". Days pass and we begin to talk a lot while working. I finally gave in and gave him my Snapchat ( I didn't trust him with my number yet). We talked some more about life, hopes, and dreams and I slowly started to fall for him. He finally got the guts to ask me to hang out. I had a decent time with him and was like 'what the hell, let's give it a shot'. Now here we are 5 years later.

The Proposal

About 4 years later I decided to try this proposal thing out finally. I knew I wanted to marry her pretty early on in our relationship but didn't want to seem like I was rushing into the situation and to make sure she wouldn't figure out that she was way out of my league. Had the ring for almost a year. I was in bed one day going through my phone trying to figure out how to propose to her and saw that there was an AJR concert coming up. I remembered she said she'd never been to a concert and she really wanted to go and that she liked the band so I got 2 tickets. I slipped the ring into my pocket while Liz was getting ready and we went to the concert. During the concert, I slipped the ring into her jacket pocket and just bided my time until she put her hands in there. She took forever and had to do a bunch of hints, but she finally found out. She was so ecstatic I asked her if she would marry me. To my surprise, she said yes! which brings us here and now. I hope you can make it to the wedding and can't wait to see you there!!.