Matthew & Lena

Forever in Love

Matthew Andreuk
Lena Green

Jun 15th, 2024

At Horse & Hound

Franconia, New Hampshire

Horse & Hound

205 Wells Road

Franconia NH, 03580

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Our Story

How We Met

It only took 20+ years of living 10 minutes away from each other before Lena and Matt stumbled upon meeting each other. Both growing up in Coventry, CT, they most likely crossed paths many times, but all it took was a popular dating app to finally lead them together. Lena worked at a local smoke shop and Matt was a student at the University of Connecticut. After a handful of interactions and a long conversation about spearmint being the top tier mint flavor, they inevitably matched on tinder. At the time, COVID was at its peak, so they decided a hike at Diana's Pool in Willimantic, CT was a good spot. After having an in depth conversation about blue potatoes the night prior, being the unique individual that Lena is, she decided to bring some for Matt as a surprised. Matt knew when he saw the most adorable person holding a little brown paper bag when we got into the parking lot, that there was something about her, something he would not find anywhere else in this world. They walked through the woods together, getting know one another, Matt even learned some American Sign Language along the way, as Lena had studied the subject previously. In the end, they wound up unseparated and bounded with one another, and as Matthew says to this day, Lena has been the "breath of fresh air" that he has been searching for leading up to this point.

The Proposal

On June 30th, 2022, Lena and Matt decided to go on their most enduring adventure yet, hiking Mount Washington from the bottom to the top. Matt thought the perfect way to ask Lena's hand in marriage, was to do it at the summit after completing the long and strenuous hike to the top. As in life, couples who can stay together and support another through long journeys, are those who are bonded for life. However, as life proves to throw obstacles in the way of plans, it didn't go quite exactly as drawn out. As they made their way up to the halfway hut, they realized the day was flying by, and daylight was soon to run out. It was decided that Matt was to go as fast as he could to the top, to secure a train ride back down the mountain, as it was the only safe way to return to the bottom, with Lena trailing at a safe speed behind. He went, pushing himself to keep going, as to secure a safe passage back down for his Bride-to-be. Arriving at the top, and meeting with the ticket booth, he realized, they only had 15 minutes until the final train made its trip back down. Matt went to the overlook of the trail leading up to the summit, and spotted the love of his life, and shouted supportive words to give Lena the motivation she needed to complete the hike. With moments to spare, they quickly hopped onto the train and made their way back down the mountain, reminiscing in their own personal battles they made to finish the hike to the top. After taking a ride from a friendly COG Railway Employee back to the parking lot, Matt thought there was no better time to ask for Lena's hand, sealing the fate of them two being bonded forever and eternity.