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Why Nontraditional Outdoor Wedding Venues in New England are the best.

"Ahh the great indoors!" -- said no one ever.

Why should you have your wedding outside? Because you love the outdoors. The outdoors are part of who you and your partner are -- and that is the story you need to tell on your wedding day. That story of who you are and is defined by both who you love and what you love. Plus, its different and your guests will like it (we have the stats on this below).

Your friends and family already spend 87% of their day working indoors or sleeping under their roof. Therefore it should come as no surprise that in a survey of three hundred 20-50 year old wedding guests in the US, they said their favorite type of venues are... outdoor venues. When asked why they liked outdoor venues better, guests said the energy is better, the space is always more unique and the overall seems more personal. That makes sense to us. People love the unique experience of something custom designed by the couple they are there to see.

Outdoor venues, at least the way we do it here at Weven, offer couples the chance to create something of their own from a blank canvas. When we talk about outdoor venues, we are talking about nontraditional outdoor wedding venues like estates, farms, orchards barns, not the country club with a tent outside (although those can be nice -- they just aren’t for us outdoors and open space lovin' folks). So if you love the outdoors -- hiking, picnicking, summer beach trips etc. why not use a setting exactly like the spaces you love to get married? With a nontraditional outdoor venue you can turn a space that represents your values into a fully customized wedding experience that lets your guests actually step into a space that tells your story as a couple.

Of course, we have to address the elephant in the room when talking about outdoor wedding venues in New England. Yes it could rain. But first off, the statistics are on our side -- the majority of days in New England it doesn’t rain at all! According to the US Climate Reprot, nearly 70% of days are totally dry across the region. Plus, even if does rain is that really the worst? What about those gorgeous wedding photos with some fog rolling through the mountains in the distance? Or guests looking out from under a tent at fields of flowers as a gentle rain moves through your farm venue? You could maybe even make the case that rainy weddings outside are actually kind of great. The second elephant -- will it get too cold? For a cool summer or fall night, your tent rental company can easily add a space heater or generator to your order to keep everyone in the tent nice and cozy for a small sum. That said, we do know some folks who actually had winter weddings outdoors -- think parkas and snow suits for a winter wonderland ceremony at a mountain estate followed by spiked hot chocolates in a heated tent with dance floor.

So whether you are looking for an amazing outdoor space you can customize in Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont or any of the other three great New England states, we think we have some great options for you! From barns and estates to summer camps and mountain views, we have a myriad of nontraditional venues that might just help explain to your guests what part of the outdoors is your story.

Cheers and happy outdoor living!