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Q+A with LauraJean Floral: Insight & Advice From One of Boston’s Top Floral Designers

Weven chats with LauraJean Pecci: Owner and designer at LauraJean Floral, a bespoke floral & design studio based in Cambridge, Ma.

LauraJean and her team use seasonal blooms sourced from local farms and vendors to produce arrangements for weddings and events all over New England that are perfectly lush, ethereal, and organic. She leverages her 15+ years of experience in floral design to help her clients see their unique vision come to life in the most exquisite and fun way possible.

We got the 411 from her on floral trends, her advice for brides, and what she loves about designing florals for unique, non-traditional venues.

LauraJean Floral

Weven: We’d love to start with you telling us a bit about your background, and what prompted you to create LauraJean Floral.

LauraJean: I have always been drawn to the natural beauty of flowers. Seventeen years ago, fresh out of college, I was hired at a local floral shop and from there I worked alongside designers from across the globe and eventually followed other adventures, running floral companies for other women. Six years ago, I decided to venture out on my own and create a space in which I could create custom designs for clients, based on the natural beauty of the fresh floral product available to me. I opened our shop location in Cambridge, MA and the rest is history.

Weven: What sort of florals do you specialize in?

LauraJean: We specialize in weddings and events and bespoke floral arrangements for delivery. I have a special place in my heart for floral sculptures and large scale arrangements.

Wedding Flowers

Weven: What excites you about designing florals for events at rustic, nontraditional venues?

LauraJean: Our designs shine within non traditional venues. We approach each event as a chance to express an emotion and tell a story through color, movement, and uniqueness of blossoms. With 'rustic', nontraditional venues, there is a greater potential to create an original design for our clients that depicts their love and style in a truly distinctive way.

Weven: What sort of trends have you seen lately in wedding flowers, and how do you see those evolving?

LauraJean: There is a trend toward negative space within design. More and more clients are appreciating arrangements that celebrate the negative spaces in between blossoms that allow for more sculptural arrangements that emphasize the curvature and delicacy of each individual floral stem. There is also a movement away from large bouquets and a return to a more demure but detailed wrapped hand tied bouquet for brides. Color trends are still in the muted palettes but we are seeing a return to more colorful designs, which has us super excited.

Floral barn ceremony

Weven: If you could share one piece of advice to a bride planning her wedding at a unique, nontraditional venue, what would it be?

LauraJean: We always advise our clients to design for the space and the season. Look at the venue as a decorative component in and of itself and bring in additional elements that would suit the spaces you are celebrating within. You don't have to necessarily match your decor to your venue, but you should incorporate elements that will pop or stand out within the space.