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Looking For the Perfect Indie Wedding Gown? We Know Just the Place.

We hear it all the time- brides getting married at a more rustic venue want a unique wedding gown that perfectly complements the setting. Enter Ceremony- the premiere destination for brides all over New England who are seeking the indie dress of their dreams.

Specializing in gowns for the modern, stylish and creative bride, Boston-based Ceremony is one of Weven’s go-to wedding dress shops.

This unique bridal salon has a curated collection of gorgeous gowns in an ethereal, airy space that is luxurious & inspiring. Ceremony was born out of the belief that women want to shop for their wedding the same way they shop for their everyday clothes: in a boutique that reflects their personal style.

To help our brides as they search for their unique wedding dress, we got together with Alix, the owner of Ceremony, for a quick Q&A.

Weven: What inspired you to open Ceremony, and how would you describe your brand?

Alix: I was inspired to open Ceremony after moving to Boston from New York City back in 2009. I was planning my own wedding and was looking for something that did not feel like a traditional bridal gown. I had my eye on one or two new, more modern designers that were not represented yet in Boston and I had to make trips back to New York to find them. It seemed silly to me at the time that a big city like Boston with such a thriving wedding industry and young, vibrant community did not have a resource for this style of wedding dress designs. My background was in fashion retail and marketing so from that initial idea and a lot of research and planning, the pieces fell into place.

Weven: What would you say sets Ceremony apart from other bridal shops?

Alix: When I opened Ceremony I tried to create a place that felt bright and warm and welcoming - both in the environment and design also in terms of the service that we offer. Over time the styles that we carry have evolved and kept up with trends and demand, but overall the collection has really stayed true to the initial vision which was to offer a selection of gowns that all feel just a little more laid back and easy to wear but still very special.

Weven: Tell us about your absolute favorite dress style you’ve ever had at Ceremony

Alix: Oooh, this is really hard! I really could never pick - there have been so many over the years. Every season there are one or two styles that really have a little magic in them. Whether it's an extra luxurious fabrication or a neckline or sleeve that feels fresh and new and exciting. It’s always fun to have things come in, see brides start trying them on and to find out which they will choose.

Weven: How has the pandemic affected the dress shopping process, and the types of dresses brides are choosing?

Alix: Back in March we had no idea how the pandemic was going to affect the business, weddings in general and the way that we run the shop. There were so many unknowns. As it turns out, many of the steps we’ve had to take to adjust to our new normal actually ended up being really positive shifts in the shopping experience for most of our brides. For instance, because we now have to quarantine all gowns between clients, we work closely with each of our brides before they even walk in the door to discuss their style, their wedding and what they are looking for so that together we can preselect gowns for them to try on when they are here. This has really been a wonderful thing that helps us quickly hone in on what each of our clients will like so that we can spend the full appointment trying things that work and make her feel great from the start. Personally (and I know this will be controversial!) I think the guest limits we’ve had to impose are actually a nice silver lining too. Of course we miss our beautiful big groups of family and friends, but as a general rule, the more people that are in the room with a bride, the harder it is for her to really focus on what she loves and feels good in. Right now we are able to focus on the bride and the dress - everything has kind of been distilled down to the most important things, which feels really good and right for this moment.

Weven: What advice would you give to brides looking to get creative with their dress choices?

Alix: My biggest piece of dress shopping advice is to be true to your own sense of style throughout. Look for a dress based on what excites and inspires you and that you just feel beautiful and good in and not based on some sense of what you think you should be wearing based on social media or what others are choosing.

Weven: Where do you see wedding trends going in the next few years?

Alix: Over the past few years our brides have really embraced a clean, classic and unembellished look - we will never get enough of this and it will never go out of style because it’s so timeless and there are also a million ways to do it and wear it. However, we are seeing a slow trend back towards embellishment and delicate details, which is exciting and fun. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what’s to come as I think now more than ever, brides are open to new ideas.