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A Note From Bluebird Farm’s Host, Joseph: How Weven Has Helped Him Save Time & Scale His Business

Joseph, the co-founder of Bluebird Farm, shares how he promoted his venue, improved couple experience and streamlined event coordinating using Weven’s tools. What are his favorite tools? The consolidated lead pipeline, communication platform and couple planning portal… Read more to hear why!


Bluebird Farm CT. is a working farm and rustic wedding venue! As a family-owned and operated wedding venue, we purchased Bluebird Farm CT. in 2015. We love our small farm house and surrounding 40-acres in Willington, CT.

To us, family comes first, so we treat couples as family. We work with couples and their vendors to ensure everything goes as seamlessly as possible. We are onsite the day of your wedding and manage the event. With us, you will enjoy every moment of your wedding day, while we take care of all the small details.


Prior to working for Weven we struggled with getting couples to learn about Bluebird Farm CT. It's extremely important for farm wedding venues to have online visibility. It's vital to have a social media presence, especially as your greatest "billboard" is a client's phone. Weven does a wonderful job of helping you create a digital storefront for your venue. Our venue's listing was prepared with the help of Weven Venues and they posted it on their platform. Our venue's listing allows potential clients to find us quickly, check packages and pricing and observe availability of their wedding date. For us, the platform is great for connecting clients with us once they are ready to start the conversation about touring our venue.

Before Weven, we worked to promote our rustic wedding venue through Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, we'd scour message boards and try to inform couples about our services. However, this took many hours and at times didn't allow us to focus on our primary goal... building the perfect farm wedding venue. What we like about our partnership with Weven is that they do the hard work of finding couples that are looking for a unique farm or rustic wedding venue, while we worry about maintaining the venue, meeting potential clients... and, most importantly, hosting weddings! We are grateful to have been discovered by Weven and appreciate their support of farm wedding venues.

For Bluebird Farm CT., we enjoy the consolidated lead pipeline. This essentially allows you to classify where couples are in the process with your venue, may it be an Inquiry, Tour Requested, Toured, Proposal Sent, or Booked. It really helps us to ensure we are able to organize and communicate appropriately with potential clients. With multiple leads coming in every month, this tool is a great reminder of where you are at in the process with clients. This certainly saves time and avoids any awkward questions to your client like, "Have you toured yet? We can't remember where you are at in the process." This tool is imperative to ensure your clients feel confident in you as a venue and to ensure to them that they are your priority.

Once a couple books with us, there is this amazing feature provided to couples by Weven Venues for FREE! After a couple books with us, Weven Venues comes in and offers free planning tools in which the couple can map out their wedding day schedule, organize lists of vendors, store digital copies of contracts/permits/insurance, and even build their wedding website! As a venue owner, this tool is also beneficial to track the ongoings of the couple as they prepare for their big day. By staying abreast with the couple's plans, we can work directly with the couple's vendors, assist with last minute tasks, and ensure no stone is left unturned before the big day. For our clients this is a huge benefit as it reduces the amount of excess communication that they would typically need to engage within between the vendors and venue. With Wevens Venues... those stress points no longer are a burden to the couple. Our clients have told us this is a differentiator, and with one less "thing" for the couple to worry about, our venue has been rewarded with better reviews, more referrals and more clients!

For Bluebird Farm CT., we have seen the difference by working with Weven Venues! We feel they are 110% there for us, always available to help with updating our listing and ensuring we are well represented to couples! Truly a great service to farm wedding venues.

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