Brittany & Christian

We're Getting Married!

Brittany Wolfson


Christian Hahn


Sparta Township, NJ

Rock Island Lake Club

485 Glen Road, Sparta Township, NJ 07871

Our Story

How We Met

Brittany was moving out for the first time of her childhood home right after finishing graduate school. She asked her friends to help by paying them in pizza and beer. Brittany's friend asked if Christian could help out, which he did! Christian and Brittany always tell everyone how they met, "He helped me move in and never left!"

The Proposal

Christian and Brittany always go out for dinner for their birthday's, since they are only a day apart (Brittany's is on Oct 14th and Christian's is on Oct 16th). Dinner was at Tabor Road Tavern, Brittany had no idea. Christian had the idea of saying Grace, so while everyone's eyes were closed, Christian got down on one knee and proposed!