Trevor & Mandy

The Sheffield & Roark Wedding





Tucson, AZ

The Buttes at Reflections

9800 N Oracle Road, Tucson, AZ 85704

Our Story

How We Met

On February 14, 2022, we both started our new jobs with Sierra Vista Fire and Medical Services. We had our orientation in the same group and did not particularly get along well at first. Mandy's partner for work happened to be a friend of Trevor's. After months of avoiding each other, Mandy's partner finally convinced the three of us to hang out. After a few times hanging out with the three of us, Trevor asked Mandy to lunch just the two of us in May of 2022. After that lunch, we were seeing each other every other day. On June 14, 2022, we officially decided to start dating.

The Proposal

On July 24, 2023, we went for a hike up to the Ramsey Canyon Overlook in Hereford, Arizona. One of our first dates was this exact hike, so was it entirely subtle? Perhaps not. We made it all the way to our location and it was perfect, sunny, with minimal clouds, and a cool morning breeze. We sat in the same spot we had previously, tucked a little bit away from foot traffic with a fantastic view of the overlook. Trevor had the ring in his bag and was waiting for a perfect opportunity to pull it out. Right as he was about to take it out, a wasp flew over and started flying around us, causing us to jump up from our spot startled. After sitting back down, about to take it out again, a group of hikers walked by, slowly of course. Yet again about to take the ring out, another bug flew down and startled us. Finally, after many an interruption, Trevor was able to get out some on-the-spot words to Mandy and present the ring. Immediately, Mandy started pouring tears and nodding her head yes. After a lot of smiling, hugs, and mandatory photos, we made our way back down the mountain with more jumping and skipping than walking.