Dylan & Sarah

Dreams of Forever

Dylan Zoch
Sarah Arndt

Mar 30th, 2024

At Stone Ridge Hollow

Forest Hill, Maryland

Stone Ridge Hollow

914 Walters Mill Road

Forest Hill MD, 21050

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Our Story

How We Met

Dylan & Sarah were both wading in the sea of online dating. Over Memorial Day Weekend of 2021, Dylan responded to Sarah's two truths and a lie prompt on one of the apps - Sarah once babysat for Julianne Hough's nieces, she once got lost on an island in Puerto Rico, or she once had to fill in as the mascot at a basketball game in college. Can you guess which is the lie? Dylan did!

Sarah was on vacation in West Virginia at the time and was intrigued when she saw this cutie named Dylan slide into her DMs. Sitting on the bed of the Airbnb, talking with her friends, Sarah was drawn in by this boy. They started texting "short story long" messages to each other after Sarah was back from vacation. A few weeks and many texts later, they met up for dinner and a movie. They met up again 3 days later and the rest is history.

The Proposal

In March of 2023, Dylan asked Sarah to go on a fancy dinner in Annapolis for their year and a half anniversary. Sarah was a little suspicious about this, especially when he asked to go visit their special dock before walking over to dinner.

As they walked up to the dock where they talked for hours and hours on their third date, there were flowers and little sign set up that said "I love you so much & can't wait for forever with you." After pouring out his heart, Dylan got down on one knee and asked Sarah to be his wife. She said YES!