Nickolas & Sydnie

We’re Getting Married!





Glenville, NC

Chimney Pond Farm

240 Chimney Pond Rd, Glenville, NC 28736

Our Story

The Proposal

"We were on summer vacation, a cruise to the Bahamas. The day we made it to the first island, it was storming. We had planned an excursion of a boat ride to a private beach, but it was cancelled because of the weather. We tried to enjoy the island anyway, but became soaked in the process, and so made our way back to the boat.
After warming up and having some lunch, the sun came out. Nick and I set out, determined to find a beach.
We got a little lost, and I could feel Nick getting anxious. I was still enjoying walking around the island and being with him, but he was very focused on finding a beach.
After hailing a cab, we were dropped at a beach that was too far to walk to. Turns out that we were at the same beach that we had visited years before on a family vacation, Cabbage Beach.
We swam in the water and enjoyed the sun. I sat on the beach, my legs in the water, as Nick swam out with his mask to collect shells and bring them up to me. After he had collected a sufficient amount of shells, we went on a walk down the beach.
We reminisced on past adventures while reveling in our present. We imagined adventures of the future.
Nick asked me if I would continue to go on adventures with him, for the rest of our lives. And I said, of course.
He slowed down, and I turned around to see Nick on his knee with a ring in his hand. He asked me if I would marry him.
I first asked if this was real as I covered my face.
And then I said yes, of course yes. "