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August 5th, 2023

The Barn at Farrington Hollow

7495 Farrington Hollow Rd

Cherry Creek NY, 14723

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Our Story

How We Met

Dave and I first met briefly after one of his 4th of July shows on the water on a boat (Timeless) in Cornplanter Cove. We had seen each other a few times after that and then a few months later, his persistence finally paid off.

The Proposal

2 years later, we were back on Timeless in Cornplanter Cove for Dave's 4th of July show. He rallied my family and friends (and of course all of the people that were there just trying to listen to music) and proposed.

A little behind this perfect day...

(MARISSA) 4th of July has always been one of my favorite holidays. I love spending it on the water and camping with friends and family. I think the excitement that it was my favorite weekend was my biggest distracter as I really had no idea that Dave planned to propose that day. I look back and have to laugh at my ignorance to certain scenarios. We woke up at camp and I have always been a little anal about painting my nails (so much that my matron of honor, Taylor, who knew about the plan didn't even worry about taking me to get them done). So I had painted them at camp that morning and when I smudged one getting into the truck, Dave had shown his first sign of concern (ever) for my nails. I just thought he was playing the better part of a concerned boyfriend. So we finally get out on the water. And one by one, my family takes the bold initiative to just tie up to this boat in which I was a guest on - which at the time I thought was a little audacious...and I really thought Jeff and Devon would never invite another Yohe on the boat if it meant coming with all this baggage lol. And then my bridesmaid, Dana, swam marathon distance across the whole bay by herself, which again, I paid no mind to and I just thought she really wanted to hangout with me. I didn't realize at the time that I was being closely followed (all day mind you) by Shanna, Taylor and Dana, haha. Looking back there were so many things that could have tipped me off had I had the slightest inkling of Dave proposing...I remember Dave being on break and hugging me from behind and saying how the day was perfect and pointing out how my whole family was there. I went to turn around to take in the moment with him and when I did...he was down on one knee. It all hit me at once why everyone was there and that this was actually happening...I had always known this day would come for us, but it was better than I had imagined!

(DAVE) As a laid back kind of guy who typically procrastinates and is about 10 minutes late to every function I'll start off by saying that just the thought of making all of this happen was a ton of pressure! Especially trying to keep it a secret within the Yohe (female) family, haha. I was of course trying to think about a perfect time and opportunity to execute my elaborate scheme, but first.. I needed approval from the big guy...Mr. Ed Yohe. I was going back and forth with my guy at the jewelry store trying to get this ring whipped up in a matter of two weeks. I thought what better place to do it than on the same exact boat we met on two years prior. So once that was done, thanks to a nice credit score I've been maintaining since my delinquent years, it was time to corner my hopeful, soon to be father in law to ask for his youngest daughters hand in marriage. Many wouldn't think that a 10am, Saturday morning dice run at a dive bar would be the perfect scenario to roll up on a Harley and ask, but it actually worked out quite well. I went to the bar and grabbed a couple Busch Latte's and found Ed outside manning the chicken BBQ. I found out quickly that I needed to introduce a couple Jack and Coke's before I worked up the courage to even initiate the topic. Two hours later...I was ready. After taking heat from him and his friends making fun of everything about me, one guy asked Ed..."Is that your future son in law?"... and I was like perfect! That's why I'm here. I seriously wanted to get your permission to ask Marissa to marry me. Without hesitation he said, "Ohh Dave, if you can deal with this family you can deal with anything. Absolutely". I thought to myself, well that was easier than I had imagined, thank GOD! Okay, on to keeping that secret for another week or so...I had picked up the ring and was hiding it in my truck for what felt like forever. July 4th weekend was just ahead and I had already told my family, her family, all our friends and everyone else involved. We were at camp the night before and I thought to myself, please don't find the ring box in the tent, please don't slip up, I just want this to be as perfect for her as it can be. The next day was the most beautiful summer day without a cloud in the sky, we loaded up the gear on the boats and headed out. I was really excited and actually wasn't that nervous. My band was performing that day and on our break is when I had coordinated with everyone that it was going to happen. I got the ring out and took my daughter into the bathroom to make sure it was okay to ask Marissa to marry me, I told her I was going to make her into a princess if she said YES. Thankfully she was excited as I was and had my back. So we made it up to the back deck of the boat. I was kind of pacing a little because I was waiting for the perfect song to come over the speakers. I didn't want to ask to a song I didn't enjoy, that would have haunted me forever, haha. So the time had come, I had her whole family and all of our closest friends near by. I was standing behind her with my arms around her and we were both looking out, taking in that moment. It was the perfect day. So then, I finally got the ring out and got down on one knee...she turned around and had no idea. I said, "Marissa, I love you so much. I want to be with you forever and spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?" She shook her head yes as she was tearing up in disbelief, it was truly magical and I've never felt that type of intense emotion between us. It was one of the best days of my life:)