Jordan & Sarah

The countdown is on until we're officially locked in for life.





East Andover, NH

Andover Event Barn

32 Maple Street, East Andover, NH 03231

Our Story

How We Met

Our love story began online, back in 2017. Jordan had decided to join the online world to try a new way to find a relationship and Sarah on an impulse created an account in the hopes that it would find her someone special.
Jordan noticed that one common interest they had was snowmobiling and he decided to ask her were some of her favorite places to ride were as a way to break the ice. This is how our story began. After a few weeks of flirtation banter back and forth over text message and one phone call to ensure that Jordan was a male, we decided to meet. We found ourselves talking for hours and discovered a mutual love for outdoor activities, similar sense of humor, and shared hope for the future. Four years worth of memories later, we've moved into our first home, enjoyed road trips, multiple trips to Rangeley Maine, and introduced three furry babies to our family.

The Proposal

About a year ago, Jordan finally popped the question over dinner at the 45th parallel in Oquossoc Maine after a long week of anticipation. Sarah's father had turned to Jordan an stated, "it's time." Jordan got down on one knee and asked. After a few moments of nervous laughter by Sarah, she had said yes. We can't wait for this exciting new Chapter to begin!