Jessica & Joselin

Forever Together

Jessica Luddy
Joselin Fernandez

Jun 4th, 2022

At Camp Wing

Duxbury, Massachusetts

Camp Wing

742 Keene St

Duxbury MA, 02332

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Our Story

How We Met

We worked at Camp Wediko together!! We first met in the summer of 2013 when Jose joined the team halfway through the summer. We talked occasionally during the school year, and by talk we mean that we wished each other "Happy Birthday!" on Facebook. We worked together again during the summer of 2014 and at the end of the summer staff celebration BBQ, Jose told Jess that she had pretty eyes and we sat next to each other to eat dinner. Check out the photos page for proof! After that, we talked sometimes, saw each other at a few work events, (Jose worked in NYC for Wediko and Jess worked in Boston for Wediko). Over the next 5 years, Jess continued to work at Camp and Jose did not. In the summer of 2019, again, at the end of the summer staff celebration, Jose and Jess admitted that they had a crush on each other ALL the way back since they first met in 2013. And the rest is in the details that will bring us together on June 4!

The Proposal

This story depends on which of us you ask! From Jess' perspective, everything was planned and ready to go to Disney World at the end of Camp in 2021. There was a last minute opportunity to get an earlier flight, and I took it! I was excited to share one of my favorite vacation spots with Jose. We got there early, got into our hotel room quickly, got unpacked, and headed out the door! Jose wanted to go to the hotel gift shop, but we had plenty of time - all week to go to the gift shop! And the bus to the Magic Kingdom was right outside! Let's go! So I ran out the door. There were only 10 people on the bus that afternoon so it was easy to find a seat. When we got to the park, Jose jumped up quickly and nearly pulled me out the door. I assumed he was excited to be on vacation! We went through security, the security guard Jose was with said "good luck!" as we walked away, which was weird, but who cares because we're IN DISNEY WORLD!! As we walked down Main Street, Jose was distracted as anyone would expect being at Disney for the first time. He wanted to walk this way and that way and changed his mind and wanted to go the other way. He finally said, "it feels weird to not see the castle as soon as we get here". Sure! Let's go see the castle! When we got to the front of the castle, Jose said a lot of lovely things which neither he or I can recall now, and he got down on one knee and proposed. Once he stood up, he said that more surprises are here, but he was sure that I already knew what they were, and he pointed to the side which is where my friends Sam and Sarah were standing!

Jose's perspective is a little different. I knew that Jess would plan everything. I also knew she'd tell her best friend Sam every part of the plan which made it easy enough to coordinate arriving at the same time. I had one request, we go to Magic Kingdom on Day 1. Things were going great until Jess changed the plane tickets to an earlier flight a few days before their trip. Sam and Sarah were planning to drive to Florida! Just a small hiccup, Sam and Sarah adjusted their plans to leave earlier. Traveling to Disney was smooth sailing, flight was on time, check in was easy, and before long we were ready to go to the park. As we walked to the busses, Jess made a quick turn to the check in desk. Sam was standing right there! I assumed she saw Sam and that the whole plan was ruined and I asked "what are we doing here?" since we had already checked in. Jess wanted to get me a "First Visit" pin! The concierge quickly got the pin and we were on our way. I needed Sam and Sarah to get to the park first so I asked to go to the gift shop and I thought we were in the clear. A Magic Kingdom bus was outside and Jess was happily looking at Disney themed everything. Until she looked out the window, and saw the bus, and yelled "the bus is here! Let's go!" And before I could say anything she was running out the door. I got on the bus and immediately saw Sam and Sarah ducked in the backseat and I was sure Jess saw them. I asked her how long the bus ride was ("one of the longer trips" she said, "of course it is" I thought). I asked her what we would do that day and she told me. As soon as the bus stopped, I jumped up and nearly pulled her off the bus. We went through security and I set off the alarm. I needed to check in with one of the security guards. I walked up to him sideways, after reaching into my pocket to retrieve the ring box, and walked up to him with a panicked look on my face. He asked "do you have anything else in your pockets?". "No" I said as Jess joined me. As we walked away he said "Good luck!". We're in the park, but now I need to find where her friends are. I'm texting and walking trying to decide which direction to go first and make sure Same and Sarah have enough time to get to the castle. I can't find them. I finally give up, surely Jess knows what's happening already and she's just being nice, and we walk up to the castle just as I get a text from Sam that says, "I'm here!" I said only half the things I planned to say, got down on one knee and asked Jess to marry me. She said "yes" (obviously, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this story on our wedding website right now) and I pointed to her friends who would be vacationing with us in Disney all week. Ask one of us to see the video, she had no idea her friends were there even though they were right in front of her.