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March 15th, 2024

Harper Hill Ranch

12300 Huber Road

Seguin TX, 78155

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Our Story

How We Met

It was a hot, humid day in May...Light was in town from Florida visiting friends. He decided to take Nicole's free yoga class with plans to stay at the Bruton's later that night. Meanwhile in New Braunfels, Kristen was setting a plan in motion to go to the same yoga class with her future bridesmen in tow. During the yoga class, Kristen and Light exchanged the normal "hi, nice to meet you" guestures. Light was taken back by her sparkling eyes and incredible smile. Kristen was basically oblivious to fact that someone was interested in her. After the class, the group stayed for a glass of wine on the patio. Light and Kristen talked to each other, like no one else was there. The group agreed to continue the festivities at the Bruton's house with drinks and games. Light made a complete fool of himself by being an elevated version of his normal goofy self (definitely trying to impress Kristen). Kristen again was not aware that Light was WAY into her.

In the morning, when Light awoke he had the thought, "Well I will never see that girl again!" while groaning at the thoughts of his ridiculousness the previous night. Kristen really didn't think about it too much but smiled at the silliness she witnessed the night before.

Once Light returned to Florida, that is when fate intervened! Fate's name is Nicole Bruton by the way, in which she told the smallest little fib to encourage Light to contact Kristen due to her "wanting to hang out with him again when he is in town". To which Light responded, " REALLY!??!!". It was about a week later after this information that Light mustered up the courage to contact Kristen and once they exchanged numbers there was not a day that went by that they didn't talk to each other.