Brittany & Thomas

We’re Getting Married!



Thomas Humes


North Stonington, CT

Jonathan Edwards Winery

74 Chester Maine Road, North Stonington, CT 06359

Our Story

How We Met

It was 2019 when Brittany and Tommy's love story first began, just a bartender working her regular shift, who happened to have Bud Light (Tommy's favorite beer) and notice Tommy's Titleist hat. Tommy was drawn to Brittany's smile.

After Brittany cut-off serving Tommy, she quickly learned all of the bouncers were Tommy's friends. No numbers were exchanged, but two weeks later they crossed paths again, where they connected over glasses of wine and several more Bud Lights.

Their first date ended up lasting over 5 hours as they talked without any interruptions, including keeping their phones off the bar! As time continued, they overcame major obstacles including a pandemic, integrating families, and Brittany completing her graduate studies as a Holistic Mental Health Clinician.

Now, it has been 5 years of adventure, world travel, moving in together, competitive games, rounds of golf, raising dogs, sunny days spent on the boat or bar hopping Newport, continuing to build family memories with Gabby and Lilly, and lots of love and laughter.

The Proposal

Planning the proposal began in December 2022, where I decided to propose to Brittany during a family vacation in Aruba in April 2023. Although I was terrified to ask Brittany, I was even more terrified to ask Patti (Brittany's Mom). In order to reduce my nerves, I decided to take a chance and ask Brittany's Cousin, Colleen. Colleen's response was "perfect, you got this." Her response reduced some of my nerves, but as April 2023 approached, my nerves continued to grow. A week before, we began to pack our bags, gather our belongings, and I still needed to ask Patti. 4 days before we left, I overcame my nerves and called Patti for the most nerve wrecking conversation of my life. I asked her for her Daughter's hand and she approved, I couldn't believe it! Then Patti, immediately turns the pressure back on me, saying she will be coming to Aruba for the proposal!
April 12, 2023 came and Patti arrived in Aruba. My family attempted to keep Brittany distracted and ensuring she would stay up this evening, as I planned to propose at midnight. Why midnight? Well, thirteen is a very special and important number to Brittany, so I knew 13 had to be incorporated into our life journey. My nerves were through the roof. At 11:57pm I couldn't wait any longer! I had already been waiting several years, never mind 4 full vacation days in Aruba. So, I took her hand and said "walk with me." We walked to the beach were we saw the twinkling lights of a cruise ship leaving port, and were surrounded by the sound of waves crashing. I found myself overwhelmed by emotion as I knelt before Brittany. With trembling hands, I presented a ring, a symbol of my unwavering love and commitment. A jumble of words were said as I poured my deepest feelings and shared the joy we have had together. While tears streamed from my face, I asked the most important question of my life. She whispered yes, wiping tears from both of our eyes. We turned around, where my family surrounded us in celebration. Then through everyone, there was Patti, surprising Brittany with tears, a hug, and love. This marked the beginning of our forever together!

We are so looking forward to starting this new chapter together, and can’t wait to celebrate with all of our favorite people.