Kira Lea & Landon Marc

Kira & Landon 11.10.24

Kira LeaGoguen


Landon MarcHowe


Jefferson, SC

Belle's Venue and Farms

2661 High Point Church Road, Jefferson, SC 29718

Our Story

How We Met

In 2017, Kira and Landon met online while she was living and working in Charlotte for the summer. They had texted for a couple months and (finally) had their first date on July 5th, 2017- they have been together ever since!

Their relationship was long distance for 2 years while Kira went go back to school in Massachusetts. Landon worked various jobs in South Carolina as they both navigated living 800 miles apart. They made sure to plan trips a couple times a year until Kira graduated college and moved to the Carolinas in 2019.

They now live in Clover, SC with their dog Migo!

The Proposal

Landon surprised Kira with the proposal on April 27th, 2023 at Charlotte Motor Speedway. They had a trip to Atlanta planned that weekend to see Kira's favorite artist in concert and he wanted to tie-in the proposal somehow.

Kira had flown up to Massachusetts in March to help family move to NC so Landon bought the ring- Kira had no idea.

The week of their planned ATL trip, Landon coordinated with her family in NC to get her to the track and propose on the start/finish line. Unfortunately, there was a racing event scheduled for that evening, so Kira's dad brought them to the roof above the concourse which overlooks the track. Kira was looking out at the track and turned around to Landon on one knee and her family smiling ear to ear!