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June 9th, 2023

Grand Pend Oreille

6201 Le Clerc Road South

Newport WA, 99156

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Our Story

How We Met

In the summer of 2017, Hannah and Gibson officially met at Camp Spalding via mutual friends. However, Gibson had developed a "camp crush" on her the previous year so he had the genius idea to bring his ukulele to camp in order to win her love. This proved effective, as you are reading this on their wedding website. At camp they played ukulele and sang a few songs together, then after camp they got together for a few dates before "calling it official." This occurred on December 2, 2017 at a Freeman basketball game where one of Hannah's classmates asked who Gibson was to Hannah and she said: "he's Gibson." Obviously that was super awkward (mostly because Gibson thought they were already together) and after a long conversation, Gibson asked Hannah to be his girlfriend. The rest is history!

The Proposal

On August 13th, 2022 Hannah went to visit Gibson at his summer job at Camp Spalding. After a day of archery, sunbathing on the pontoon boat, and high ropes (where Hannah definitely didn't cry because she is scared of heights), Gibson suggested that they should hike up to the cross overlooking the lake. He said he needed to put on a different shirt because the shirt he had on "wasn't vibey," in his words. So after stopping by his cabin so he could put on a shirt that was "more the vibe" and grabbing his ukulele, they hiked up to the cross. They sat down overlooking the water and he played two of Hannah's favorite songs on the ukulele while they sang together. After that, Hannah took her phone out to take a selfie and at the very same time heard a camera snap from somewhere behind them. Hannah turned around to see her sister, Abby, crouched behind a big rock with a camera. Gibson stood up, pulled the ring out from his backpack, and asked Hannah to marry him. It was pretty much the best proposal Hannah could have ever dreamed of.