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Our Story

How We Met

Erin and Hughes met in 2019 at the young ages of 18 and 20. They had mutual friends and would often see each other at gatherings. Their friendship quickly turned into something more. They both opened up to each other about their pasts and what was going on in their lives and they never once judged each other. They became very close with each other quickly. Hughes was such a gentleman to Erin and that is what attracted her most. He was so kind and gentle when it came to her. And let's not forget how charming he is.

In October of 2020, they welcomed their baby boy, Brayton, into the world, and everything changed for them. Through all the sleepless nights and hard days, there was always so much love and joy that Brayton brought them. Although Brayton was just a baby, he taught them so much that nobody else could. Being young parents and a fairly new couple was hard, but they learned how to maintain their relationship along with learning how to parent.

Since meeting each other, the love Erin and Hughes shared for each other quickly grew and continues to grow. They value each other and respect each other. They make each other a priority and always support each other. They still have so much more to learn, and they will do it side by side, hand in hand, for the rest of their lives.

The Proposal

While Erin was on her way home from the funeral of her grandmother, Hughes was at their home decorating for the proposal. Erin walked inside and saw a few pictures of her and Hughes surrounded by flower pedals and candles along with a beautiful bouquet of roses. He had the song Joy of My life by Chris Stapleton playing in the background. When Erin turned around Hughes was on his knee, holding the ring and asked her to marry him. Hughes knew how devastated Erin was after the passing of both grandparents in such a short time, and even though the proposal did not take away that pain, he knew that marriage is what her grandparents wanted for them, and Erin and Hughes were ready for that next step. When Hughes was on his knee, the world stopped for Erin. In her head, she was looking back on all the good times and all the bad times they shared together and told herself she would do it all over and over again with him. They are each other's home.

She said yes, and now we get to watch them say I Do.