Let's Get Married!


Jun 3rd, 2023

At Camp Bluestone

Thompson, Pennsylvania

Camp Bluestone

1290 Stalker Hill Rd

Thompson PA, 18465

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Our Story

How We Met

We met at the end of March 2016 at our favorite dive bar, The County Seat. It was karaoke night and Andy initiated conversation by commenting on the Ithaca Flower Power IPA that Victoria was drinking and how he used to live there. One comment about a beer turned into many hours of chatting and getting to know one another. We had our first actual date a couple weeks later and shortly after that it was official and we were dating.

Fast forward to today, we live together in Montrose with our 3 cats, Clyde, Echo, and Bucky. Andy works at P&G as a Line Technician. Victoria works at an advertising agency in Binghamton doing graphic design, while also bartending and doing freelance photography. Some of our favorite things to do together include Mexican date nights, traveling when we can, and low-key movies nights with some wine and snacks.